The Best Type of Social Media Post

The Best Type of Social Media Post

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The Best Type of Social Media Post

Hi, everyone. Questions with Krista, are you a local real estate agent, mortgage professional, or just a local professional? This channel is for you. We’re answering questions about anything and everything you do, marketing related. So these questions come directly from you. Today we are going to talk about the best type of social media post!

I’ve sold thousands of home in my career. And guess what? I’m here to answer support and help you do it too. So. And don’t forget lenders, too. This is for you just as well. In fact, I always say, why are lenders relying on real estate agents, lenders whom we rely on themselves for leads? You’re the first point of contact. So let’s get into our questions. Monica, pay the house says, what’s your number one social media posts you recommend?

I recommend just doing it. That’s what I recommend, Monica. There’s it’s kind of like people ask me, what’s your number one strategy you can say to be successful? There’s not one thing, right? There’s so many more. The number one thing that I recommend that you do is to do it and do it often.

Have a time that you do Facebook lives every single week. Make sure that you’re running at least three video ads every single week and you’re using different objectives and you’re reaching different people.

Make sure with those ads that you’re creating, you’re creating look like audiences you’re re targeting. The best thing about social media, if you utilize it correctly, especially Facebook, is that you can retarget. What that means is you create an ad and maybe you do a buyer tip or a seller tip and you see that people have engaged in it and they’ve watched that video. Now, what happens? What happens is, is that they’ve watched the video.

You can tell they’ve watched a certain amount of it. Anybody that watches, let’s say twenty five percent or 50 percent of it, you can then send another video regarding selling or regarding buying regarding what the first video was about and recent another video to them. Right now, somebody continues to watch these videos that you’re retargeting to. You know, that’s a serious buyer, a serious seller. It’s a serious customer who wants to get a loan. Right.

You know that they mean business. That’s why retargeting is so, so important on Facebook. So my number one social media post again, what is it, Monica? It’s just to do it, do it consistently, learn how to properly utilize the social needs, social media channels.

Just pick one, master it, do it well, do it often. And once you’ve mastered it and you do it often, then go to another one. As you guys can see, I’m kind of new on YouTube, right? I’ve mastered Facebook. I mastered it. Now we’re learning to master YouTube. So do one. Do it well, then jump to another. Jack of all trades, master of none. If you try to do them all, you’re not going to do any.

The Best Type of Social Media Post

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