Q & A How to Make a Successful Sales Funnel

Q & A How to Make a Successful Sales Funnel

Posted on August 7, 2020 by

Every week I answer questions that YOU ask!

This week’s question is about how to make your sales funnel successful!


Hi, everyone. Questions with Krista. This is when I actually answer questions from real life people, just like you.

The first question is from Mary M. I don’t know why they never give their last name. I’d like to know. But anyways, “Hey Krista, I’ve been using ClickFunnels for a few months, but still don’t have the hang of it. Do you have any tips for me on how to make the funnel successful?” Okay. That’s a really great question. Here’s the thing about funnels. You can have a great funnel, but if you don’t know how to drive traffic to the funnel, then the funnel won’t work. You can have a great ad, but if you don’t have a great funnel, there’s a problem.

With funnels, number one, you need to make sure that you’re actually driving traffic, the right traffic to it. My first question to you would be, Mary, how much traffic do you have going to your funnel? When you’re driving traffic to your funnel, what is your objective? What’s the outcome that you want, and why are you bringing them there? When you answer all those questions, it’s going to help you be able to really know what the funnel should have in it. Then also, it’s also going to help you understand where your traffic is coming from as well. Does that make sense? It’s not just about the funnel. It’s about the traffic. It’s about the ad that’s driving the traffic to the funnel. Then it’s about the actual funnel itself and how you want the funnel to perform.

What I would say is that make sure that you’re doing testing on your ad. Make sure you’re testing. Make sure you’re testing on your funnels as well. There’s also different objectives that you’re going to be using on your ads through Facebook or wherever you’re driving the traffic to. Depending on that objective that you’re going to choose, let’s say in Facebook, let’s say, then it’s going to determine on what the outcome is going to be in the funnel. There’s just so many different things to actually consider with a funnel.

I would also be testing if I were you, okay, when they land on the funnel, what’s my conversion rate? Maybe it’s really good. You’re you’re converting. But maybe when they go to the next page of the funnel, they’re not converting so well. Or they’re not taking that next step or that next action. What you want to make sure that you’re doing is that you’re testing all the different actions and the places that they’re going. It might mean that you need to change the colors, or the call to action, or the copy, or the picture. All of those things have a lot to do with it.

Another thing that really is very helpful to understand is what was your strategy to get them there in the first place. In other words, the more that your content speaks to the language of the consumer… What do I mean that? I’ll give you an example. Kind of embarrassing, but I’m 49 years old. I’m starting to go through menopause. I get hot flashes and they totally stink. I get hot flashes. If I see something on Facebook and it talks about hot flashes, I’m going to go click on that and go down some of these funnels to figure out what I can buy or do to actually not get hot flashes anymore. But if I saw something that talked about how to not lose hair when you’re an 80-year-old man, I wouldn’t click on that because I have extensions, and I don’t need hair, and I’m not 80. Does that make sense?

You need to make sure that your messaging is matching your funnel and that where you’re targeting and who you’re going after to make sure that they hear that messaging is what good as well. It might not be your funnel. It might be the messaging you’re targeting the audience you’re going after. There are so many different aspects of it. It just takes time to learn. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of testing, a lot of changing, a lot of A, B, C, D, E, F, tweaks, and that kind of thing.

I hope that answered your question. It’s kind of broad, I know. Honestly, it’s almost impossible for me to tell you what’s wrong with your funnel or why it’s not working until I kind of see all the different things that we talked about. But keep those things in mind, check them out, and hopefully that will help you. Thanks so much, Mary.

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