Common Real Estate Coaching Questions & Answers

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Common Real Estate Coaching Questions & Answers

If you’re struggling in your real estate business, whether you’re just starting out or have been a working agent for years and feel you’re stuck, hiring a professional real estate coach may be a great addition to your business. 

Real estate coaches provide objective business consulting that will lead to transformative changes in your personal and professional lives. Much like a therapist for your personal life, a real estate coach will help you work through sticking points and gain a clearer perspective of your business, what holes there are in it, and how best to patch those things and grow from them. 

Like any professional service, costs may vary, but real estate coaching is more about the investment and returns on those investments that you can’t place a true value on. It won’t be cheap, but like most things in your lives and business, a little upfront cost with a huge potential return is well worth it. 

To determine whether hiring a real estate coach is of value to your business or not, here’s a list of the most common questions and answers to help inform you about the benefits of coaching. 

Is Real Estate Coaching Worth It?

Every successful business person, athlete, and politician has used a professional coach at some point in their career. 

Coaching is defined as a method of training, counseling, or instructing an individual or group on how to develop skills to enhance productivity or overcome a performance problem. 

A good coach can help you set realistic goals and build the foundation and mechanisms to achieve those goals. Often, coaches will help you identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses so that you’re prepared for any occasion that may arise. 

A real estate coach will take stock of your day-to-day systems, look at what strategies you’ve used in the past, and help educate you in ways to maximize what you do well, what other agents are doing successfully, and how to stand out in a crowded business like real estate. By helping you look at your business with a fresh set of eyes, your coach will be able to show you things you could improve and areas to ignore. 

If taking your business to another level from the one it’s currently at, then to answer the question, is real estate coaching worth it? 

The answer is yes.

How Do I Find A Real Estate Coach For My Needs?

When you are searching for a real estate coach, first ask yourself what you want to be accomplished by their coaching. 

Do you want to learn systems and processes you can automate for lead generation?

Are you interested in learning how to operate a better work/life balance? 

How about creating a morning ritual or huddle that sets out a daily goal that fits with your weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals? 

Or perhaps you want a little more discipline in your business and need a fresh set of eyes to help you find inefficiencies in your routine? 

Whatever your needs, defining your outcome objectives will allow you to be better equipped when interviewing your potential real estate coach. 

Now that you know what you’re looking for in your real estate coach, you can set out to find the coach that fits your needs and goals. 

What Are The Qualities To Look For When Searching For A Real Estate Coach? 

The most important quality you want when looking for a real estate coach is being able to create a rapport with you. In every social interaction we have with people, we know within seconds if we’re going to vibe with this person or not. 

It doesn’t matter if the coach you find is the best in your area. If you don’t vibe and get along with them, it won’t matter. The single most important quality to look for is someone you can get along with and that you’ll be able to work with over time, and you should have that feeling within mere minutes of your first interactions with that coach. 

Other top qualities you want to look for in a real estate coach include;

  • Experienced
  • Knows The Business
  • A Great Teacher
  • Service Oriented
  • Willing To Hold You Accountable

Experienced: You want to find real estate coaching from an established professional who has worked with others to help their success. While working with someone local may provide short-term benefits, often, you’re the test case on whether the coach has the chops or not to help others. If not, go with professionals that have an established track record. 

Knows The Business: There are plenty of different types of business coaches out there. While their expertise may translate to real estate, it’s better to have someone with intimate knowledge of the business's ups and downs and proven strategies to overcome the feast and famine cycles. 

As a professional, you’re expected to understand all the intricacies of real estate. Naturally, therefore, your coach should also be someone who has been in the trenches. 

A Great Teacher: A great coach isn’t born; they’re made, educated, and taught how to become the best they can be. Being a great communicator, able to get information out to you on a level that you understand, and having the training to help you work through your struggles by teaching you ways to overcome those issues are signs of a great teacher. 

Great teachers are also great learners, constantly updating and learning new materials to help their students achieve the goals they want for themselves and their real estate careers. 

Ideally, your real estate coaching is something that will propel you to future growth without the need for a teacher in the future. A great coach will show you the tools you need to become independent and learn on your own. 

Service Oriented: A great coach is someone that genuinely cares about your success and becomes your biggest fan and advocate. Taking time to check in on you long after your consultations are hallmarks of superior coaching and a service-oriented approach. 

Your coach should focus solely on your success when working with you, not presenting one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t match your needs. Instead, a service-oriented coach will craft and customize their program for your business objectives and offer tips, solutions, and systems to meet your goals. 

Willing To Hold You Accountable: Most coaches are eager to teach you, but how many can gain your trust to the point that when it comes time to hold you accountable, you’re able to receive that criticism and discipline? Great real estate coaching also comes with accountability, and great coaches can hold you responsible without having to do anything negative or disciplinary.

By establishing a rapport and trust with your coach, you’re much more inclined to follow through with the systems and processes that your coach puts in place rather than letting them down. You become more self-disciplined as a result, and you’re better equipped to utilize that skill long in the future. 

What’s The One Thing Every Real Estate Agent Should Know? 

A good real estate coach will be able to answer this question in a heartbeat. 

The one thing every real estate agent should know is that most people in the business will fail. Over 90% of all people that get into real estate fail within the first 2-3 years. 

But there are ways not to be a statistic and be one of the successful ones, and the two most important factors to that success are;

  1. Find a mentor: A good mentor is someone in the office that has the experience and success you want for your business. A good mentor will help you learn what you didn’t get in your licensing school and will help you build systems that may propel you forward. 
  1. Get a coach: Every successful business person has worked with a coach along the way. Coaching is a way to learn new systems, become more efficient in your processes, and set achievable goals. 

Real estate is a very lucrative profession, but people often fail because they lack the tools and resources to succeed. Getting real estate coaching can help you build the foundation necessary to build your brand and establish your business for success. 

A great coach will help you stand out in the crowd, attract more business, and become a “go-to” agent for friends, family, and colleagues to refer to when it comes time for any real estate business transactions. 

Hiring a real estate coach that has been in the business and has a track record of assisting other agents is an investment you need to consider for your business success. The difference between success and failure in real estate often comes down to those that have systems in place and are disciplined enough to carry them through. 

Investing in great coaching will provide the tools and discipline to achieve your career dreams.

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