How to Build a Clientele When You Are New in the Area

How to Build a Clientele When You Are New in the Area

Posted on September 11, 2020 by

How to Build a Clientele When You Are New in the Area

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This week’s question is about how to build up a clientele list when you are in a new area.

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Hi, everyone. Questions with Krista and I’ve got a great question and I’m excited to answer it. This is from Robert B. and he says, “I’m new to the area. I need to build a database. How is social media going to help me when I have very few followers?” Here’s the thing. That’s the exact reason why you want to use social media, but I want to have everyone understand something first.

When using social media, you have to pay to play. In order to get people to pay attention and to see your content, you need to pay Facebook and to pay these other social media platforms to be able to see you. Otherwise, the only people that are seeing you are your friends and family and people who are already interacting.

So, the answer is this.

In order for social media, to help you, you’ve got to pay for ad campaigns. You’ve got to go into the ads manager account within Facebook and you’ve got to start creating ad campaigns to target people in your local community so that they see you over and over again. You need to build brand awareness, you need to get people to know you, to like you, and to trust you and to position you and see you as the expert authority in your area. Social media is the best way to do that.

Think about this.

Why do big businesses, fortune 500 companies, why do they market on TV? Why do they have commercials? Why does McDonald’s pay millions of dollars to advertise during the Superbowl? Because they know it works. You’ve got the Superbowl, you’ve got a TV, right at your fingertips when utilizing social media. So, for pennies to $50, you can advertise on social media locally and be seen over and over in your community. So even if you don’t know anybody, that’s okay, it doesn’t make a difference. The goal, anyway, when you’re using social media is to get people that don’t know you to know you and that’s why you use social media, you create target market campaigns through your ads manager account so you can reach people locally and be seen as that go-to expert authority.

Now here’s the deal.

If you’re not doing this, if you’re creating these amazing videos and you’re posting on Instagram, you’re posting on Facebook, and you’re not paying or putting any budget behind it, no one is seeing it. I’m not telling you not to do it, but in order for it to be the most effective for you to get the biggest bang for your buck and for it to happen quickly, you need to put money and budget behind it. Here’s the deal everyone, you’re real estate agents, you’re professionals, you’re local professionals, you’re a business so you should be spending a marketing budget behind getting people to know you like you and trust you for them to see you as that go-to professional in your area.

Social media is the key. Use it, use it widely, create content and know that it’s almost impossible to get massive organic reach. Less than 0.01% of people will do a post and it will go viral. You’ve got to pay to make it happen. I hope that helps and if you would like to me to answer your questions, just put your questions down below in the comment and I’ll answer them on the next Questions with Krista.

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