How to Utilize All Social Media Platforms Correctly Featuring Chelsea Peitz

How to Utilize All Social Media Platforms Correctly Featuring Chelsea Peitz

Posted on May 13, 2020 by

How to Utilize All Social Media Platforms Correctly Featuring Chelsea Peitz

Today, I am with a very special guest. Chelsea Peitz (Chelsea Peitz) is the National Director of Social Sales for all of the Fidelity National Financial Branch. Today, we will tackle how to utilize all of the Social Media Platforms correctly and how to maximize its potential for your business. So, sit back, relax stay tuned because it is time to be Fired Up!

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How to Utilize All Social Media Platforms Correctly Featuring Chelsea Peitz

Hey, everyone. Are you ready to be fired? Because I am I have a super power house bad. A woman in front of me, Chelsea Pike, I cannot even tell you her child because it’s so long. But she is going to tell you exactly what she does. And you are not going to want to miss this.

Hey, everyone, so nice to be here with you.

Thank you so much for the honor. Chris, to be on your show. Very excited. Yes. My very long official title is National Director of Social Sales for all of the Fidelity National Financial Brands across the United States. Basically, what that means is I get to teach people how to use social media to build their brand and to generate leads and make more impact and more income. And that’s what I get to do, is I get to play in all the socials all day long and I get to teach people how to use it.

And I speak a lot. I’ve written several books. I have a podcast. And you’ll see me on all the socials. I love it. So first of all, you can understand when she says that she works for Fidelity Financial. I mean, I want you to explain just how massive it is. And she is like the person. So explain how big that is.

Yeah, it’s an awesome company. It’s in the Fortune. Three hundreds. We have an amazing parent company, Fidelity National Financial. And under that, we have a lot of really well-known companies we own, I think and I don’t want to get the number wrong around 30 or so title and ask for companies across the United States. We own the Las Vegas Knights and we own quite a few real estate technology platforms as well. So he owns like Mensink and Real Geeks.

And I mean, it’s like the list goes on and on. And she also I mean, they all make a major title companies. It just it’s a really big deal. And she is the woman overseeing all of this while not overseeing all of it.

But I do oversee all of the social media and the social media coaching.

Talk to us about that, because as you know, like we come, I completely preach social media. That’s what I teach my students how to actually do it correctly. And what we find is, is that, you know, across the country, only 16 percent of agents are utilizing social media. But from my own personal research, we find that only one percent is actually doing it correctly.

No, no. I’m just falling out of my chair. Oh, my goodness. I mean, OK, I understand because I talk I’ve talked with tens of thousands of realtors and lenders all over in different places, different ages, different demographics.

I get it. It can be scary. It can be nerve racking. It’s something you have to figure out. It’s something you have to time block for. So there’s a lot of things that go into that. But the idea of being able to connect with even 20 people a day without even stepping outside of my bed and possibly making a transaction or a meeting for a transaction with almost too little to no effort is mind blowing to me that people wouldn’t use it.

Besides how behavior is being trained, which I’m happy to talk about, mean neuroscience geek. My first book was about psychology of social media. If you’re not there, people are going to wonder why you’re not there. Absolutely. And so the thing is, is that when you’re consistently producing content and you’re getting it out there correctly, which we all know, that’s a big problem for most agents. They’re just doing things like posting on their Facebook page or posting on their business page or not really running ads or anything.

When you do this, you you can be seen in front of, you know, hundreds of thousands of people. You can get hundreds and hundreds of hours of watch time. And it’s just you start to develop a relationship with someone. And I think agents have been so used to doing the same old techniques and strategies they need, they aren’t really open to understand that you don’t have to spend your weekends doing open houses. You don’t have to start chase business all the time.

You can actually attract it. And when you produce content and you get it on the social media platforms correctly, you are attracting business and your content is doing more selling for you than ever before. Oh, I love that you said the word attracting. Yes. Don’t we all just want to attract business? And I know we’re simplifying it a little here and people ask me all the time, well, if I do it right and I do it consistently, how long will it take for it just starts rolling in?

It takes some months. It might even take longer than a year, but it’s a few minutes a day. It’s it’s, you know, maybe half hour, hour, week. And that content works for you when you are not in the office. Any money that everyone’s your content, you’re not in the office, your content is still selling for you.

Listen, when you do an open house, as soon as you start doing the open house that you want to go on vacation or you stop cold calling, then your business just stops. But when you utilize social media, you are constantly being seen in front of people. And then you can target people, you can retarget, you can put content in front of them. They’re already interested and you can bring them down your funnel. It is so powerful and I love when I get somebody like you on here that isn’t just me preaching this because I mean, you’re teaching this to, you know, multifaceted companies and it’s working.

So what is your best? Like if you tell agencies to here’s three things that you need to start doing right now. What would that be? Agents, lenders, impressions and you know. Changes pretty much every year because everything does change on the Sociales, but I will tell you, I think this is my probably fourth meeting of the day where I’ve talked about social media and trends. And I’m telling you, if you haven’t already. You need to embrace this story format, meaning this is an actual posting format that you will see in both Facebook.

You’ll see it on Instagram. I’m going to say it’s probably going to come to LinkedIn at some point. It’s already on YouTube. And what’s happening is the feed is splitting into two. And there’s the main feed that we’re used to. Right? The main home B that we’re scrolling through all the time. And now there is a secondary, totally separate feed that sits at the top of both your Facebook app and your Instagram app. And those are where the stories are.

So stay with me, guys. If you’re not familiar with stories, if you are great because you need to be doing them, because here’s why. Number one, camera first. It’s about you and your reality show on your face has nothing to do with ego. It’s not that it’s about you and not about them. It’s that you are creating content. The most human way possible. Yes. That means you need to show your face. Nike pays people millions of dollars because they have a face.

Nike does not have a face. This huge brand. You have a distinct advantage because people can sit down with you across the table when you’re going to be selling their house and they can say, oh, my gosh, Chris, I feel like we already know you. We’ve been watching your stories for like two weeks and they’re already sold. So there’s the content doing the selling for you. So camera first you got to show your face. Sorry to break it to you.

You’re going to get really good on camera if you do stories every day. It’s real time, meaning it’s a 24 hour cycle. So you’re kind of like with the person on a daily basis, which sounds kind of creepy, but it’s pretty awesome if you think about it. And number three, it’s message enabled, meaning it’s private. And if you are posting content and you want to help a client, let’s say you make a post about downsizing and how to do that, how to downsize your home.

Well, guess what? If somebody has a tragedy happen, they’re probably not going to post it in your Facebook comment where it’s totally public. Hey, I just lost my job. Hey, this terrible thing just happened. I need to talk to you. But in a one to one private message scenario, you can go really deep with those people and have those conversations with that community. So definitely stories you need to get on there. Guys, you also can see everyone who has watched.

You can’t do that with any other social media format in the world. Like if Crystal watches my Facebook live. Great. Unless she’s comments. I have zero clue. But when she watches my story, I can see every pair of eyeballs that watched my story. Great way for you to reverse prospect staying in contact with your sphere of influence as well. So stories is where it’s up.

And so let’s listen. What are the number one shows on television? They’re reality shows. That’s the number one show. And I think about a third like I don’t watch the Housewives or any of those things. I just don’t have the time for it. But that that’s the number one most popular show. Right. Something called a Paris social relationship. I’m sure, you know, this is Josie is that we have been programmed literally in our brains because of watching television as children, that we see somebody on the other side of a screen, that they are somebody of authority and of importance.

Right. So you’re you’re showing up as the authority figure. You’re developing a relationship with people when you go on that appointment. People are like hugging me all the time and and they’re talking to me at the store. I mean, I have no clue who these people are, but they think that they know me because they have developed a relationship with me being on the other side. And that’s what we want. Right. We want to develop relationships and people have connection.

When you’re doing your own your stories, that’s when you can post a lot more. And people want to go things and see things quickly because we’re all about speed. OK. Number one stories. OK, I’ll see what I’ll throw in stories.

Number two is more content, more commenting, less contenting. And what I mean by that is, hey, content’s important. Like you and I have podcasts, we have books. We believe in content that you should be making content. But my caveat to that is that it is so saturated right now and the feeds that, you know, four or five, six years ago when we were training people, posting every day, sometimes posting twice a day, you know, you have to have a really, really good content now to get that engagement.

And what I would challenge people with, because the algorithms are watching your your engagement levels and you can become someone superfan. And the best part of coming is becoming someone’s super fan is you get double branding. So I comment on your post, Krista, in Facebook, you’re going to get a little notification with my face and to say my name branding. OK, then you’re going to actually read the comment and the comments. You’re gonna see me again.

And guess what? I love a handwritten thank you. No, I actually just wrote some today, but I go to my mailbox once every two weeks. I go to my Facebook inbox and my feeds once or twice an hour, if not more. You know, you can brand and be there and support content. And guess what? The algorithms get trained by you talking to people. It’s going to assume, well, Chelsea is always talking to Krista, so well, let’s make sure that her stuff shows up at the top of her feet.

Perfect. That’s what we want. We want to build the perception that every time I’m opening that social media, you. Are there so little bit more commenting? I love that canting, take away the stress of feeling like you have to do content like new traditional style. Let your comments be your content. Great. That is. I have not heard that yet. That is excellent. Excellent advice to start commenting. Everyone wanted to do what Facebook algorithm likes and you start showing up more and more organic reach, which is wonderful.

OK. So number one stories. Number two, commenting. What’s number three?

So number three, I’m just gonna give you a quick little quick hitter tip because, I mean, we all are busy. We need to be strategic and efficient with our time. And that means we’ve got a time. Bluck, our social media and we have the time block are, you know, connecting with people and responding to comments. And I just, you know, teach a very simple method. I called the ten, ten, ten. You could call it the 15.

Fifteen, fifteen. Probably don’t want to call the six x x, but you can call any number you.

And the idea is you’re going to take the first ten minutes, you’re going to ten minutes are to set your timer and you’re say, okay, I want to sit down for ten minutes, I’m going to be intentional and strategic.

And hopefully you’ve made some friends list in Facebook. Hopefully you have some notifications turned on and you’ve got some some systems in place where you can go right to the people you want to engage with. You’re going to go down the main feed, OK? The original main feed that we just talked about, I’m going to make ten comments down. So when I say down, I want people to visualize me going down the main feed. So I’m going to go ten minutes.

I’m going to go ten comments down the main feed and then I’m going to go ten comments across the stories beat. So I say ten minutes, ten down, ten across. You make up the time if you want. It’s just an easy way to kind of game ify it, make it a little bit more fun and make sure that you’re engaging with people because that’s how you’re showing up and that’s where people are. Their attention is in social media.

And if somebody sends me a GM, guess what? If you all have a business account on Instagram and you get demos, you can retarget them with ads. How amazing is that? And if you send D.M. to someone I think is way more impactful and memorable than just seeing like an ad go by because you’ve actually talked to that person. So why do people to realize that automatically if you have an Instagram business account, they do the heavy lifting.

All you just have to say is, yeah, I want to target all the people that have looked at my profile. Great. Looked at my D.M.. Great, let’s do it.

So I would say the ten, ten, ten is probably best that I know one else is really understands everyone’s to get ten thousand followers on Instagram. Right. Because they think they want to swipe up. Well guess what. Swipe down. Tell him everything I should be. Send me a direct message. Give me this damu that I ran. The more that you can do voice recordings and the more you can do good for things. Indie memes, Instagram algorithms start to assume that your friends and they organically put you in front of people more often.

So DMA singer. Yes. Voice Dems are credible. Do them. They. Yes, they’re watching. They know if you’re sending text. If you’re sending D.M. voice message. If you’re sending video. They know all of that. Which is why that super fan mentality is so important, because Dems are going to become a major metric because likes could go away one day.

Yes, I love it. I love the tendons. And that makes it fun. You game a fight like you said, anyone can do that. So here’s the deal, everyone. You’re learning some really great information here from a powerhouse that teaches social media strategies to these Fortune 500 companies. If she can make time to do this right, then you can. It’s just a matter of saying, I’m going to do this and watch what happens. Over time, your business starts to have massive momentum.

When you do it consistently, it get him. And I just have one more thing. Get up. Ten minutes earlier. Just get ten minutes or less dependent and done. Yeah, you can do it. Or if you’re at the gym, I mean, shoot.

If I’m just sitting on a machine doing my slow stair climb, maybe I’ll just do 10 there and then make my ten minutes go by. Faster, better.

I’m really enjoying this right now. So give us some strategies. As far as you know, people are always, you know, like what kind of things on their stories should they be posting? And can you over post and over.

Sure. Yeah. You could always over post. I don’t remember the actual research study, but there was a study that was done and you know, their quote unquote magic number for the right number of stories was three to seven in a 24 hour period.

Now, I typically do more than that, but I’m also a big believer that if if it brings you joy and you like to do it, stories bring me joy. That’s my jam. I’m gonna do them for me. And so I say, hey, if that’s your thing, you can store your face off if you want. Now, if you’re not really doing it because it’s not your passion, but you want to be there and you want to be strategic, then I definitely it should be daily.

It should be multiple times in a day, you know, at least two or three, because you do need to tell the system you’re active, too, right? I mean, and not just sit down at seven o’clock at night and post three things. The hardest thing when you’re starting out is remembering to get your phone out and actually hear the story. And then, you know, a lot of people think big overarching ideas. And I tell them, why don’t you take out one little piece and do that as a story?

So here’s an example of just random. I’m sitting in my office. I’m at my desk. I could do a story about us doing a podcast.

I’m not going to tell you. I’m going to do a video or a quick or easy I could second for the story. Yeah, I could do that. Or I know this sounds kind of quirky, but you’d be surprised. I could literally take a picture of this pen right here, which happens to be my favorite type of pen. Everyone has a favorite type of pen. And I could be like, this is my favorite type of pen. What’s the one you can’t live without?

Do you know how many people want to talk about what kind of favorite pen they have? You really prized. Yes. You would be surprised. So you don’t have to pull out the whole thing that you’re doing. I could talk about my notes in my notebook that I have in front of me. I could, you know, talk about the pen that’s sitting here so you can delete. Well, our little pieces of the bigger story. And if you’re just like, gosh, I don’t know, like what I should be posting on here, but you don’t need to show your face.

It can’t just be pictures out of, you know, videos. I can’t rember again what the percentage was.

But there was a study that said, I think I think 65 percent of people making Instagram stories are making videos. And the videos are really the only ones that are showing up on the Explore tab. So there’s not like pictures typically from stories that they’re selecting. They’re always selecting a video. So it kind of tells us that that’s what they’re looking for. So can you walk me through so today?

Right now, it’s like one forty five. OK. What did you buy? Can you tell me what you like, what stories you’ve done today? What do you get. Will kind of give us an example. Yeah. So I got it this morning and my feet hit the floor and I immediately had been looking like last night I had posted and I had said, hey, do you think I should try this? And woke up to a bunch of messages and I was polarizing.

People were like, oh my gosh, it’s disgusting or. Oh, my gosh, it’s amazing.

You should get it and try it. So it was kind of everywhere I saw it. It was called screwball whiskey and it’s peanut butter flavored whiskey. So I think I’d try it.

I’d say yes. And I thought, this is weird, but let me take it to Instagram and see what they say, because everybody has an opinion. And so half of them were like, it’s horrible. It’s totally disgusting. And the other half were like, it’s great. It’s really interesting. So I go on my story and I’m like, my hair’s bedhead. I’m like, So y’all had some opinions about that whiskey last night? And I talked about it.

And then usually I kind of document a little bit of what my day is. I usually try to drop a tip about social media and there I’ve now sort of made a show with my son. It’s called Hashtag, Mason explains. And that’s become a surprise hit where people beg to see him. In fact, I’m taking him tonight to meet somebody that I’m meeting from Instagram because they’re like, you have to bring your son. And like, I literally wait to watch him and your stories that he’s just turned seven.

That is, you don’t have a seven year old. I do. Oh, my gosh. You are so busy. That’s. That’s correct.

Yeah. I’m going to work through Chelsea. I’m going to I’m going to friend you. I’m going to watch you cause I want to get some you know, I’m not the best at stories like. And then I’ll I’ll have a day where I’m really good and I do five or six and and I’ll forget for two days and I just I need to do it and I’m shame on me.

OK, so let me ask him. I’m curious. No. Are you. Have you downloaded tick tock yet.

So I do have tick tock on that. I am not using it like I should.

It is a whole new world. It’s an entirely different world. That time on it, it’s like the time of day is a black hole.

Like I, I actually am not even watching TV. I’ll just watch. Tick tock. It’s grandkids on it.

Gary these days to be on tick darkeys every day on tick tock. I’m over there. I’m figuring it out. It’s an interesting place. I will say though, it’s it’s open. It’s open game there. It’s early adopter.

I mean, I’ve gone viral multiple times and I’m not anything I’m not doing anything like what I have learned from going viral. One, you can never planet like the last thing they ever thought would go viral went viral. And two, nothing happened after it did. Nobody sent me like a sure or like congratulations. It was just a normal day the next day.

So for those of you trying to plan viral content, good luck, because it’s usually something accidental that happens and goes viral. But, yeah, tick tock is definitely a place where anybody can go viral. Well, you know what helps me, as I said, like, I set my alarm for everything. So, for example, my alarm went off at one third today because it reminded me that I had this thing because even though I write it on my schedule, it’s on my calendar.

It’s like, oh, my God, I forgot that. I knew it was there. Every has a calendar. You can set a calendars on your phone to go off reminders to remind you to do what you’re doing. So let me show you this. This is a really. Watch this. Watch. Hi, everybody. I am with Chelsea Pike. She is an amazing person.

She knows all about social media, say I like to be here talking all about how important stories are in social media and Instagram and Facebook.

And so stay tuned. You’re going to need me on the podcast that we can’t wait to see their symbol. Right. That was it. You guys every day. So what else? What else? I’m just loving this. I’m learning. I’m learning and study.

Some of the questions I get asked quite a bit is are there better times to post than others? What about third party apps that connect? And can I schedule everything out? What I will tell you, if you have been using something to schedule to Facebook and Instagram. Have you started using Facebook creator studio yet? Web site?

I’m I’m not. My team might be. I don’t think we are. There’s a lot for me.

So then you might want to check into that. It’s new and it’s a little glitchy. But as new things roll out. But for those Instagram users out there who might be using, you know, the great platforms like later, dot com is an excellent platform plan billycart to basically schedule out your posts. And it’s a paid platform creator studio. You can see all of your analytics on your dashboard right there, which is nice. I like to look at on dashboard, not my phone.

And also, you can schedule out posts in the feed and you can schedule iji TV videos, which is what we should talk about next. I love. I agree.

And so you can schedule all that there from your desktop. I mean, I love the keyboard. I cannot type like the long captions I with my thumbs. I’ve got to have me keyboard. So that could be something you guys can check out. So just Google Facebook creator studio and it’s all one of the same Facebook and Instagram. They’re all the same studio. You just toggle back and forth by clicking the Facebook icon and then clicking the Instagram icon so you can schedule out your business pages stuff and then you can schedule out anything for your business account or your create or account with an Instagram.

So that might help some people save some time. That’s awesome. So what do you think about sharing your. Because I do that. So maybe it’s wrong. You’re wrong. But I will share my Instagram stories to my Facebook stories. It’s the same story because not everyone’s always on the same the same platform as told dedicated to do.

I would say currently, yes. Because the thing about Facebook stories is they’re not saturated yet, which means there’s an opportunity because nobody is like ticked off. Right. So Facebook is going all in on stories. They are making it happen whether we like it or not. And for them to move to stories is a main focus. They are going to lose money because right now there’s no ads in stories. And I only see this background because for them to make such a big decision, it tells people y’all better pay attention to media stories because they’re going to make this happen.

And right now, it’s not saturated. So if you do share posts, you’re right. You know, are people going to possibly see them on Instagram? Yes, because most people are on Facebook and Instagram. But some people aren’t. And as time goes on, I would say it’s a better idea to make original content on both platforms. But you can do that really easily by taking a picture of us like we just did and then doing a video.

The picture goes on Facebook stories. The video goes on Instagram stories. So you want to reinvent the wheel, but its original content? I think we’re very finicky. I’m like, you know, well, this is just human behavior. We’ll go to Facebook and we’re like, oh, geez, I just saw that on our Instagram story, Skip. You know, like, we’re just thinking, oh, how dare you waste a point two seconds of my day.

So I think for now it’s good. The reason that Facebook story is important is because nobody can even get to the rest of the feed unless they scroll past your face in your name. So if you’re posting consistently, it’s very likely that your friends that are connected with you are going to see your tail up at the top and they’ve got to actually scroll past it before they can even actually get to the main feed. It’s like billboards on the highway.

I mean, I drove by the same billboards, you know, for years and years and years. And I remember them, but I wasn’t really consciously thinking of it. So. So I would say it’s fine right now. But if you have a business Instagram account, you’re not going to be able to cross auto post your Instagram stories over to your personal Facebook. So that’s that’s a big distinction because I’m a big believer in being a business account on Instagram.

And unfortunately, that disconnects the auto connection. So what happens is your Instagram stories are now going to go to your Facebook business page, not your.

Oh, makes sense. OK. So that’s kind of a bummer way around.

That is just to switch to the creator account instead, which is a newer account. It’s like a hybrid personal and business. OK. I love it. So go to IGB. It’s crazy. My team just show me that my TV gets more news than anything and I do. We just barely started using it. And the nice thing about IGB is that what we’re. Mining is that organic? Like non edited video content does better than the freshly pretty, you know, all that good stuff.

So it’s it’s easy. Yeah, IJI TV is really a place to be exploring right now because, like you said, I’m not surprised at all that you said you got more views on that, because when things don’t go well for a platform that’s as big as like Instagram or Facebook and they say, no, we’re making this happen. Like I just told you, Facebook stories and they already put a lot of money into it. They start to do behavior training with product psychology and getting people involved.

And now that you’ve got so many views because they’re like, oh, Christi, use it. Thank goodness. Let’s push this out to as many people as possible. Let’s get her to come back and use it again. So they gave you a really good experience. They give you more reach. And in the meantime, they’re starting to train people to get more used to watching longer form video through IJI TV. So right now, it’s great. Jump on there.

You’re gonna get, you know, probably two, three times the views. I’d say probably a year ago it might have been six to eight times, but now it’s getting a little bit more saturated. So definitely a great place to to do video. I do highly recommend keeping it vertical for IJI TV.

So if you are doing a YouTube strategy, you might have to do two separate videos because not everybody on YouTube likes to watch even a vertical with the color, you know, kind of cropped background. So you tubers, you know, people who watch YouTube are pretty picky about watching, you know, horizontal video, which I get because I’m picky about watching vertical video.

When I was a year on YouTube, you do it horizontal. When you’re on IGB, you do it vertical. OK, great. I want to clarify that, OK. This is great content. I love it. You’re really passionate about it and you enjoy what you do. Which is really nice. Yes, I do. So any other tidbits? We saw everyone before they leave. I say, OK, you could give one piece of advice and no one ever knows.

I asked this question, one piece of advice. What would that be to help people, you know, have more abundance in their business? Oh, goodness. Gosh, hard. Bring it down to one piece of advice. I would say that one of the things that I wish I would have done sooner that could have impacted my business and brand was to get very narrow and specific on my niche. I was all social media.

You know, when I was a realtor, I was anyone who wanted to buy or sell a property. And I was really scared to niche down. And I decided that, you know, yes, of course I do all the socials, but Instagram, I was like, this is going to be my thing. This is going to be my jam. And maybe like even Instagram stories inside of Instagram, you know, like very narrow. And what happened was this beautiful thing where I got super specific and I realized, OK, well, if it doesn’t meet this criteria, then I’m not going to make content or have it.

So I always knew what to talk about because I got really specific. I attracted people double in the rate that I had before. So it also helps the social’s to know what you’re all about. So if you’re posting dogs one day and cake the next day and a house the following, kind of like we’re not really sure what you’re all about. So as scary as it is to say I want to work with first time homebuyers, I want to work with, you know, retirees who are downsizing into condos.

I want to work with just veterans. It probably will help you clarify your content and really make more of an impact which will ultimately impact your business and the lives of the people that you serve. The riches are in the niches. I preach this all the time. The thing is that better business is still going to come there. The difference is that when they are searching specific for your niece, you’re going to show up every time all over the place, right?

Gosh, that’s so great. I feel like I’m talking to my my own self right now.

I love when people preaches a mean because it’s so important. And, you know, just because we’ve been taught to do the same old things doesn’t mean it’s not time to start changing in a digital age. And yet we have to go where the customer is. We have 800 customers. The customer is on Facebook 17 times a day. Fifty one minutes. There’s two point three billion people, Instagram and Facebook. They own each other. Right. So let’s do it, everyone.

Yes. OK, well, I just want to thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. Is there any is there anything that you’d like? What book did you write with? We can talk to people about it. Yes. So I.

My latest book just came out called What to Post. It’s on Amazon. And I would love to connect with anyone listening on Instagram. I share a lot of Instagram tips and I’m an open book. I mean, you can DME anytime. Might take me a while to get back to you, but I always will. You can find me on all the socials by my name and I have a funky spell. Last names on Spell it out. It’s Chelsea Pite p e I tizzy in that c hgl sca.

Correct. Right. P e I’m teasing her.

Her book is on Amazon. What to post. Go out and buy it. Get out of your head.

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To listen to more of my podcast interviews visit —>!

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