What Are Reach Ads On Facebook and How to Run them?

What Are Reach Ads On Facebook and How to Run them?

Posted on August 28, 2020 by

What Are Reach Ads On Facebook and How to Run them?

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This week’s question is about Facebook reach ads!

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Hey, everyone, Questions with Krista. So this question is from Foster B. He’s asking about, when you run ads through your Ads Manager account on Facebook. He says, “Krista, how many reach ads should you run? Three, five or seven?” Well, Foster, let me go ahead and tell you the answer to that.

First of all everyone, what does he mean when he says running a reach ad? Well, reach is an objective that you can use on Facebook. You see, in Facebook, in the Ads Manager account, there’s multiple objectives. What that means is, you’re telling Facebook, here is what I want to do. I want to do this right now. The reach objective is to reach everybody. You’re reaching the masses in your community. So he’s asking, how long should I use the reach objective?

Well, it really does vary with every person. Sometimes you might use it for a month, or maybe two months, depending on how many people you’re actually reaching, if that makes sense. So if you live in a really, really large city and your reach objective is only going, to as far as how many impressions that you’re doing, you’re only reaching, let’s just say 3000 people, you want to do it longer. There is times when we have over 130, 150,000 people that we reach when we run an ad.

It also depends upon how much money you’re spending on that ad. What money are you putting behind that reach objective? That’s also going to make a big difference as far as how long you should run the ad.

So typically, when I have new students that join my program, I like them to run the reach ad at least four to six weeks, because the idea is to get them as much exposure to their community as possible. I want them to reach as many people. And then we start changing the objectives as we go.

For example, the next objective that I would tell them to do is to go use the video views objective, because now that they’ve reached the masses, and their whole community has seen them, now I want them to use the video views objective because I want people who watch videos to actually watch that video.

So when you’re telling Facebook, its algorithm, that your objective is video views, you are saying Facebook, go find people that like to watch videos and expose my video to them.

So again, what are you doing with the reach objective, with the video views objective? You are building brand awareness. That’s the whole reason behind those objectives. So Foster, I hope that helped.

Before I end this, I want to say a few things. People will ask me, “Krista, what ads should I run? How long should I run it? And how much should I spend?” And here is what I always say to everybody.

First of all, I need to know a couple of questions. Number one, what’s your objective? What do you want to do with that ad? What do you want people to do? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to get people to know you?

Where are those people in the cycle? Are they buying? Are they selling?

What point are they in the buying and selling process? Are they ready to make a decision? Are they researching? Are they comparing and contrasting? All of those things have a huge, huge to-do with what ad you choose, how long you’re going to choose it, and what your objective is.

So what’s your objective?

Where in the buying or selling cycle are they, right? Do they already know you? And have they already been exposed to you? And what is your objective? What do you want them to do? What’s your endpoint for the user? So those are questions and things you want to think about. Anytime you create an ad, have the end in mind before you start. Right? So have the end in mind in the beginning, if that makes sense.

So Foster, I hope that helped. And if you want me to answer questions, real-life questions from you just put them down below in the comment section and we’ll feature you and your question in one of our next Questions with Krista.

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