Q & A What To Do Right Now To Beat The Competition

Q & A What To Do Right Now To Beat The Competition

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Q & A What To Do Right Now To Beat The Competition

Every week I answer questions that YOU ask.

This week’s question is: “What Should I Be Doing Now to Get a Leg up on the Competition and Get the Ball Rolling?”

It’s questions with Krista and I love this part of what I do because it’s real questions from real people just like you.

What advice do you have as far as what should I be doing now to get a leg up on the competition and get the ball rolling?

And now the answer is this. It doesn’t make a difference what profession you’re in. What you should be doing now is creating as much content. You should be committing to consistently what I call the nine C’S, committing to consistently producing content, correctly, distributing it so that you make a connection with your community. And when you make a connection, you’re more likely to convert more clients and customers.

OK, so be committed to the nine CS, give information, give value, serve, don’t sell.

The more that people see you in your community as somebody that’s offering value and helping, you’re giving tips and you’re giving tricks. You’re talking about the community. You’re interviewing at a local businesses, you’re supporting local businesses. You are just being that person of positivity and hope and happiness. People are going to look to you as a leader in your industry, in your profession. Now, doesn’t matter whether you’re an insurance agent, a real estate agent, a broker, whether you’re a divorce attorney, whether you are a mediator, any CPA, an accountant, any type of local professional should be operating their business this way.

Listen, why did people want to work with people when they want to work with people that they like? Right.

You want to be known. What do you need in your industry? You want leads, right? You want to learn how to capture leads. You want to learn and take those leads and turn those leads into clients and customers. And then you want to make sure they keep on coming back for more of what you have to offer and you want them to refer you.

How do you do that?

You do that by seeing top of mind awareness, by showing up where they’re looking, where they’re looking. They’re looking online. Right. Customers and clients are looking online. Think about you when you are going to make a purchase, whether it’s going to a local restaurant, buying a car, or maybe even getting a new pair of shoes or a golf club.

What are you doing? You’re going online to research.

Don’t you think that when people have a very important decision to make? Like what insurance to use or getting a loan or buying a home or purchasing a car or thinking about going into a mediator that they’re going online? They are. So what’s our job as marketers, as business owners, as entrepreneurs, and as professionals?

Our job is to show up where they are looking when they’re doing the research.

How do you do that?

You do that by continuing to consistently produce content and giving value and serving, not selling. The more that you can serve, the less that you are selling. You’re going to start selling more inadvertently. You’re going to start closing more clients and closing more customers because they see you as the authority figure in your community. It doesn’t matter what your profession is. You want to be known as the go-to person.

Anything community related or anything, insert your profession related.


Because people get to know you. You work with what you like. You work with who you know if you want to be known. You need to be seen. You need to be heard. How are you seen and how are you heard? By consistently producing content, correctly distributing it so you can make a connection. When you make a connection, you’re going to convert more clients and customers.

That’s how you are known. That’s why you’re seeing that. OK. So right now you can be doing Bruce is producing much content correctly distributed at as much value, help people give tips and tricks and all these kinds of things. And what I should probably answer next, and I will make them be the next Q&A. I’m just going to make it my own Q&A. And that is how do I actually find content?

Where do I go?

How do I research?

One of the biggest questions I get from people is what I say and what do I do. What do I do want and what content do I produce?

That’s the easy part.

Because you know about your business, you know about your community. You know about your profession. And so that’s the easy part. So start developing content, nurturing, and helping people. And at any time, I’ll be somebody of hope and positivity.

Don’t be a negative, Nelly. There’s plenty of that out there. We need you to be a leader and to add value. So I hope this is helpful. Everyone, let me know what your comments are, what questions you have. Make sure you give me your last name. I want to start now. Your last name is. And I’ll answer the questions on the next questions with Krista. And as always, make it a great day.

Q & A What To Do Right Now To Beat The Competition

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