Q & A What Can I Do to Still Stay in Business During a Pandemic?

Q & A What Can I Do to Still Stay in Business During a Pandemic?

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Q & A What Can I Do to Still Stay in Business During a Pandemic?

Every week I answer questions that YOU ask! This week’s question is : “What can I do to still stay in business during a pandemic?”

This week’s questions from Jimmy VO.

Jimmy says, “What strategies and what can I do right now during the pandemic to still stay in business?”.

Jimmy, that is an excellent question.

So I want you to think about this no matter what profession that you are in. Think about your clientele. Who are you? What do they need? What do they want? Right.

See how you can help deliver value and serve them. You can do things like fill out birthday cards for the next year of your past clients.

Right. Or friends that you have or friends of friends. You can do personalized video, text messages, personalized video, text messages for somebody’s birthday and get those into your CRM. Right. Make sure you say the person’s name. Hey, happy birthday, Krista. Today’s August 21st. I want to wish you a happy birthday. Then you take that gorgeous video and you upload it into your CRM. You could also get your customer relationship management software up to date, your CRM arm up to date.

You can make sure that it’s got all the phone numbers in it and the birthdays and the anniversary dates so you can keep in contact with your your past clients. You can also do workflows and email sequences. Right. You can create amazing content. You can handwrite personal cards. You can do videos like crazy regarding your subject matter. You can do videos about your community, things that there are to do. Even though you can’t really do them, that you can do them later.

Right. You can be interviewing other business owners, interviewing other local hot spots, thinking about things people can do. What can they do after the pandemic? What’s the first place they’re gonna go? There’s a lot of things that you can still do right now during your business to stay in business. Think about what kind of content you can create will kind of lead magnets you can create, start creating those lead magnets. Maybe now’s a great time to update your branding.

Start, you know, get get get new pictures and get new colors and recreate those wonderful brochures that you have made or your marketing plan or your business card. You can update that Web site. There’s a lot of things that we can do right now. But the best advice that if anything at all that you can be doing right now in your business is producing as much content as possible to be seeing. Top of mind awareness with your community, with your sphere of influence, with your future clients and with your past clients, create content, add value, get that content out there correctly distributed on social media sites so they actually see you.

So you are always top of mind awareness, no matter what business or your profession that you are in. They need to be thinking about you and the community and your good fortune. So, for example, for me, I want to make sure that everyone thinks about me and they know she is a digital marketing specialist. Right. Maybe your real estate agent, they need to think real estate and community if they’re thinking about their community or they’re thinking about real estate.

They need to think you if you’re a divorce attorney or your insurance agent, if somebody is getting divorced, you want to make darn sure that they’re thinking about you. If someone needs insurance, they need to be thinking your name and seeing your name when they think about getting insurance. But the only way that they can do that is if you properly get your information out there. If they know about you, they see you. They hear you on a regular basis so that you are top of mind.

You don’t lose those customers. So, Jimmy, I hope that helps.

Q & A What Can I Do to Still Stay in Business During a Pandemic?

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