Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Right now, you have free access to some very powerful medicine. It’s free and it’s easy to take. It can not only boost your immune system but it also is an instant stress reliever. It helps you stay grounded, focused and alert and helps you release anger. What is this powerful medicine?


Okay, so now you’re going to think I’m totally crazy to tell you to focus on laughter in the middle of a pandemic! But scientific research has shown that laughter, especially when you’re laughing with other people, relaxes the body, increases blood flow, releases endorphins, and even burns calories! It brings people closer together and eases anxiety. The trick right now is to find something to laugh about, right? Most little kids, even babies, laugh a lot. It’s said that the average 4-year-old laughs 300 times a day. But the average 40-year-old only laughs four times a day.

Little kids will laugh at just about anything.

They love to be silly and they play with everything, even their food. But as we become big serious, important adults, that playfulness inside us and the ability to laugh at everything, well it gets drummed out of us. So, here’s the deal: To help keep our mindsets and our bodies healthy during these crazy times, we get to become our little kid selves again.

Here are a couple of ideas

Share funny stuff: Seek out funny stories, YouTube videos, or jokes and share it with others. You can even set up a challenge with your family or friends for who can come up with the funniest thing each day. If you’re a natural comedian, you can create your own funny material and share it. If not, you’ll find all kinds of hysterical content online to share. You can Play games: I’m not talking about chess or duplicate bridge. Play games that make you laugh, things like Twister or Jenga. Play charades with your friends online. Also, Watch things that make you laugh: Now may not be the best time to watch World War Z or Zombie Apocalypse. Find old sitcoms or funny movies to watch on TV.

Spend a few minutes watching goofy cat videos on Facebook or watching those baby goats on YouTube. You can even try watching Saturday morning cartoons! And try Laughing for no reason. There’s a type of yoga called Laughter Yoga that strongly believes in the health benefits of laughter. Laughing Yoga encourages you to just start laughing, even if it feels a little weird.

If you’re alone, look at yourself in the mirror as you try it. I recently had a photoshoot done, and they were constantly making me laugh out loud, the fake laugh became a real one very quickly. At first, it felt a little funny, but then it felt great.

Lets Spread the laugh virus

Laughter is so contagious, right? Remember getting the giggles in grade school. Someone would start giggling then you’d start giggling until half the class was doing it. It was almost impossible to stop! Whether you’re on a conference call or even a Zoom meeting with your office, try being that first giggler. I remember hearing my girls laugh so hard in another room, I’d find myself laughing right along with them.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Like this: Krista, just start laughing here ;o) See? Don’t you feel better? To maintain your strong mindset, be sure to plug more laughter into your day.

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