Why Video Marketing Is Important!

Why Video Marketing Is Important!

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Why Video Marketing Is Important!

One of the best ways to grow your business is actually to get people to know you. Once they start to know you, then they will actually start to like, and then they’ll learn to trust you. Once they start trusting you, then they want to start doing business in today’s world. The best way to get to know you, to like you, and to trust you, to through video marketing.

In the good old days, ambitious professionals would take their expertise out to the community by actually getting speaking agents for local groups. They’d speak at the local Rotary Club business, the business forums, or Chamber of Commerce.

When e-mail became popular, a lot of businesses and professionals started using email blast to blast their communications specials or sales to their network.

But still, find you those things if you want, and if you do it well, thinking, serving, not just selling.

Using the power of the Internet strategically is going to get you there much, much further.

And one of the most strategic ways to use the Internet properly is with video. Statistically on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Video Will get twelve times more shares than text or photo. So when you put your valuable information on video and post it, you get at least 12 times more people doing it.

That’s organic marketing. It’s free for you, right?

And did you know that when a Web site has a video on it, people actually spend 80 percent more of their time on that Web site? It seems pretty obvious that we should all be using video. Videos are hands down the most effective way to do marketing. Even if you’re a little bit shy. That’s okay. I encourage you to try it.

People need to know you. In order for you to make an impact, that means they have to see you and hear you.

Your job is to be an attention grabber that you can stand out from the competition if you’re not using video at your business, I encourage you to start using it. And as much as you are afraid of the camera, and as much as you are not comfortable at it. I am telling you that all of the discomforts is totally worth it.

The practice alone making informational videos was a key factor in nearly doubling my gross commissions from 2015 to 2016. It was also the key to starting my coaching business.

As time goes by and my businesses continue to grow. I attributed a lot of that growth and the success to the videos and properly distributing it. According to research, 87 percent of online markers used videos as digital marketing strategies. Marketing in video is 50 percent faster in revenue than those who did not.

When people go online, they spend one third of their total online time watching video.

Also, 64 percent of customers that are more likely to buy a product online after watching the video back. Guess what? Your product, your service. If they are 60 percent more likely to buy, even using video, does it make sense that you should start using it? Video is the number one best thing that even actually can do to jumpstart your business. The number one thing in any business, no matter what it is, is using video.

Why? Because especially if you are a product which as a business or a professional offering a service, you are your product and service. Your job is to get people to get to know you, to like you and to trust you and to see you as the authority figure.

Your job is to break down the barriers in any lack of trust or belief people have. Videos are the fastest, most effective way to actually do this. The public doesn’t know you.

And it’s time to let them get to know you.

You want them to see who you are and what you are all about. The more videos you distribute, the more will be remembered and perceived as the expert and the authority in your profession, many people feel that attorneys, loan officers, insurance brokers, nail shop, ((I assume job)) and most other businesses and professionals are all the same.

Well, guess what? You start being seen as a person of authority.

Today, I cannot go anywhere, I mean anywhere without someone telling me how much they love seeing my videos. And they start talking to me about the market as if they know me. It might sound crazy, but my videos have definitely been the most impactful of just anything else I’ve ever done. And I’ve distributed them directly if you love video marketing. I have a perfect guide for you.

My team will teach you to get started with video right away and stand out in the community, regardless of your experience or the state of your market to get the guide visit www.kristamashore.com/videokit.

Why Video Marketing Is Important!

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