How To Stand Out As A Real Estate Agent

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People ask me all the time – How do you stand out as a real estate agent?

You need a value add. Because guess what?

If you don’t have one, you need one.

And here’s why: Because there are so many real estate agents all over the nation.

And the crazy thing is that even if you are not even in the real estate industry or not even in the loan business, your value-add is something you should be thinking about.

How can you be different and stand up apart amongst your competitors?

Let me explain something.

Right now there’s a ton of people in the business. There are so many people in every industry and everyone has access to tons of information. Where all we can search and look and Google and tweet and twitter and you name it. We can all do it.

So you need to make sure that you have a value proposition, or you have a value-add that is different than everyone else. That’s different than your competitors. That makes people actually recognize you and you actually rise above all of the noise.

So for example, my value-add is that I expose my properties to the masses and I use digital marketing and not just traditional marketing. I show my sellers how and what makes me so very different.

And here’s the craziest thing, when I go on a listing appointment now, they are always almost inevitably interviewing multiple agents. And I always encourage them to do that. I always like to be last. So that way I can go in and kind of aim for the killing kind of a deal. But I’m able to show my sellers that I can expose their property unlike anyone else. And that I make it my complete endeavor to constantly educate myself and be on the cutting edge of technology. But not only do I say that I actually show them. I show them what I’m doing.

When I go to my listing appointments, I’m actually showing to people, hey here’s what I’m doing. And what I tell people is this, a lot of people can say that they’re using social media or that they do digital marketing, BUT…

Have they shown you what their numbers are?

Have they shown you the different things that they’re doing?

Have they shown you how what they’re doing stands out from what maybe somebody else is doing?

Now, in my opinion, real estate is gonna start changing very soon. There will be high-level agents that give tons of value.

You must determine which type of agent you wanna be. And if you wanna be a high-level agent, how are you going to prove that? How are you gonna show that you’re a high-level agent? What are you gonna do that’s different? And people need to be able to see that. And that is how to stand out as a real estate agent.

Now, I just had a coaching call yesterday and what I told my awesome students was that you need to make sure and understand that you are always in a job.

Every aspect of your business.

Everything that you produce.

Everything that you do is a replication of how you operate your business.

And people are watching.

So, do you have a value-add and what is it?

You need to be able to answer that question and be able to state it emphatically and be able to show it.

So here’s the deal. Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves like:

I’m new to the business

I don’t really have a value-add.

I don’t have a lot of listings.

I wanna show up as the leader.

If you’re new to the business, here’s something that you can do:

If you don’t have any listings, go to a new home development. Tell them you wanna showcase their property. Hire a professional videographer. Produce a four-page brochure.  Show them digital marketing strategies. Show them how you’re using Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor.

Personally, I would do all of that and I would showcase that listing so that I’ll have an example of how I am marketing their houses.

Because you’re gonna need that when you start showing up on your listing appointments when you start getting these appointments, you wanna be able to show your value add.

What makes you better?

What makes you stand out?

Why should they hire you?

Why you deserve a full commission?

Everybody hated me for saying that open houses don’t work. Let’s be honest. Do open houses work for the seller?

Very rarely.

Less than 3% of homes nationwide have been shown to sell with open houses.

Show yourself to the masses. You’re utilizing social media and you’re not utilizing it correctly.

Well, guess what?

When I go on listing appointment, part of my value-add is showing my seller that 97% of agents are not utilizing social media or digital marketing the correct way.

They may say that hey yes, I’m marketing on Facebook or I’m doing this and that, but they’re not doing it correctly. And because they’re not doing it correctly, they’re actually not exposing their property the way that they can.

So I’m gonna ask you something:

How are you going to show up in the world, show up and have a competitive edge and advantage over your competitors?

You should be able to answer that question. You should be able to state it with complete enthusiasm and conviction. And know that the reason why they’re hiring you above somebody else is that of X, Y, and Z.

Remember. Learn, implement, master, repeat. So all these things that you’re learning, you’re gonna implement it. You’re gonna master it. And you’re gonna repeat it.

Because just as quickly as you learn something, technology’s changing and you need to keep on staying on top of what’s happening.

So now you know how to stand out as a real estate agent. So comment below… what’s your value add?

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