Best Time to Post on Social Media

Best Time to Post on Social Media

Posted on October 12, 2020 by

People are online and on social media 24/7 but you want to make sure that they will see the content that you publish. So, when is the best time to post on social media? Tune in to this podcast to find out!

People are on social media 24/7, but when is the best time to post your content?

So many people posting content, you want to make sure that your posts don’t get actually lost in the sea of content. Hi, Krista Mashore here, and today I’m going to tell you what are the best times to post on social media.

Generally the best time to post on social media are what I call are on the off hours. What these times are is when people are either not working, they’re going to work or they’re on a lunch break. Humans are considered creates of habit, and we tend to use social media at certain times, mainly when we aren’t working. You also have to take into account the days of the week. On Mondays, people are just getting back to work, so Mondays might not be the best time to post because they’re super busy. On the weekends, people tend to be busier during certain times and on the internet more at other times. Sunday night, you can probably bet that most people are actually at home and they’re scrolling social media and relaxing before the new week starts.

So when are the best times to post exactly? Did you know, if you’re posting on Facebook, you’ll get a significant amount of more interaction and feedback if you post on Thursdays as compared to Tuesdays. Now this information goes on for pretty much any zip code in the world. The best time to post are usually from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, and from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. These are all the times that when most people are actually not working.

Now, whatever your industry or whatever your service that you’re actually offering, it also plays a role into what the best times are to post.

Now, whatever your industry or whatever your services that you’re offering, that plays a role in what the best times are to post. So for example, if you’re a restaurant and you want people to come in for lunch, then posting early in the morning is the way to go. You want to post something to your audience before they actually decide where they want to go and eat lunch. You want to get them all excited about it. If your content is good enough, they will want to eat at your establishment for lunch instead of eating their boring tuna fish sandwich that they actually brought.

If you own a bar, well, then maybe posting at 9:00 AM on Tuesday isn’t exactly the best decision, right? If your busiest day is Friday night, then you would want to post on Wednesday and Thursday night to get people primed up to go out to your establishment, and then again, Friday night right when people are getting off of work and thinking about where they want to go, you want to actually remind them. You need to give people time to digest your content and then fit it into their busy lives. People generally make plans ahead of time so if you just post on a Friday morning for an event at your bar that’s Friday night, that might not be enough time for people to actually make plans to come to your bar. So the best strategy for this situation would be posting on a Wednesday night and then again on a Friday morning to actually spread the awareness, and then remember, again the evening right before they’re about to go out and they’re heading out to have some fun so you can remind them.

If you’re a personal injury lawyer, you want to stick to the times I mention at the beginning of this video, but if your client base is so wide, you can also be a little bit more lax about what times to post. The same goes for you if you sell a product or have an e-commerce store. You want to be strategic when you post and you want to make sure that you’re posting during off hours.

So what time do you actually post on your social media? Let me know in the comments below. Again, this is Krista Mashore here from Krista Mashore Coaching, and I just love hearing your comments and thank you so much for watching. Be sure if you like this, comment to subscribe and don’t forget to like, and I will see you next time. I love, love, love seeing your comments, so be sure to comment.

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