Q - A Should I Be Prospecting During a Pandemic?

Q - A Should I Be Prospecting During a Pandemic?

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Q – A Should I Be Prospecting During a Pandemic?

The next question we have is from Zach. Zach wants to know. Should I be prospecting right now during this pandemic? I feel uncomfortable and I feel embarrassed. I don’t want to seem too pushy.

Now, that is that most people are feeling in their feet. And I totally respect it. I understand it. But now is it a wonderful time to be prospecting? But what we’re saying in our conversation is going to be much different than normal. Right. Right now, I highly advise people just to be calling people in their database, past clients, sphere of influence, family, friends, calling people and just asking, how can I help you?

What do you need? Don’t say a rules agent. I’m a lender. I’m an insurance agent. I’d sell whatever. Don’t do that.

Just call your database, send video text messages every single day to family members, to friends of friends to pass clients your sphere of influence, to other community members, to other business owners. And just see how you can be supportive. What you can do to help. How can you align maybe your businesses or your skills and your strengths to support each other during this pandemic? It’s a wonderful time to prospect. And you wonder why, Zach? Because people are actually answering their phone right now.

People are answering their phone. People want, you know, connection. People want to talk to somebody else. They’re stuck and they have time to talk to you. So we’re finding right now is that emails are getting opened more often. People are answering our fill in more often and they’re willing to help us as well because they’re in the same position that we are in. So don’t be afraid to practice prospect. Just be cautious of what you’re talking about.

And after you have an amazing conversation with somebody, after you connect with somebody, you offer value and you make sure that you’re, you know, feeling them in the position that they’re in. If at the end you feel comfortable, like say, hey, listen, if you do the needy thing at the end, as you just know, I’m here for you. Right. I don’t think you even need to do that because they already know what profession and business that you’re in.

You can remind them, you know, ever so gently later on. For those first initial disperse initial prospecting contacts, unless they’re personally calling you about business and you’re out calling, you’re doing outbound calls. Highly recommend just to keep it on. How can I help you? How can I serve basis? So, Zach, I hope that helped in your question. And as always, I really appreciate you asking.

Q – A Should I Be Prospecting During a Pandemic?

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