Ideas for Making Money Online

Ideas for Making Money Online

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Ideas for Making Money Online

I offer to you ideas for making money online!

Do you want to make more money? You know you need to go online, but you have absolutely no idea how to do it.

Well, here’s the problem. That’s the issue for most small business owners, locals, and professionals right now, they don’t know how to go online. But here’s the thing, it’s not difficult, it’s just different. Let me talk to you about a strategy that I’ve been using for some time.

In fact, my name’s Krista Mashore, author of three bestselling books, and I’ve been able to take my business from zero and no one knowing me to $7.4 million in just 25 short months using this exact same strategy.

What it has to do with is utilizing social media correctly in combination with video to get people to know me, to like me, and trust me, and to become the authority in my space. You’re probably thinking, “Well, Krista, you’re special. You’re a unicorn. How’d you do that?” Guess what? I’m not special. We help people from across the country and all different businesses do this, and it starts out by serving, not just selling.

Let me give you an analogy.

When you met your wife, or your husband, or your partner, did you just automatically get married? No, you didn’t. You dated them for a while, right? First you started liking them, then you’d look them up online, you kind of stalked them a little bit on social media, you text a little while, then you did video text messaging.

Then you started talking on the phone, right? And then you went to coffee, maybe lunch, then you held hands. Then you got engaged, then you got married, and that was how it worked.

Well, what do most marketers do? What do most companies and businesses do? They try to go straight to get married before they’ve ever flirted or before they’ve ever dated. You’ve got to flirt first, right? You’ve got to date first, get to know your audience.

Give them value, help them. Break down that wall, right? Become the authority figure in your space.

Now here’s the deal. I have sold over 2,000 homes as a real estate agent. I’ve been in the top 1% in the nation, and I’m a digital marketing specialist. I’ve actually gotten four Two Comma Club awards.

What that means is that I’ve generated four funnels that have made over $1 million, four digital marketing funnels, that each one has made over $1 million. So I know something about digital marketing, but that doesn’t matter at all.

What do you care about that?
What you care about is how can I help you?

And this strategy is what I’m talking to you about that can absolutely help your business. What do you do? You start creating video content that actually speaks directly to your client avatar.

Now, what’s a client avatar? A client avatar is who you want to do business with. Who are you trying to sell your product, your service to? Are you trying to sell T-shirts? Are you selling brick and mortar? Are you a professional that needs more business? Who is your client?

Find out who they are, solve their needs, make their life easier, give them what they’re interested in. Start creating content for free and distributing them on multiple platforms. That is the very best way to get them to start to know you.

And the more that you do this, they’ll see you as the authority figure. They’ll see you as the professional in your sphere, in your space, and they’ll want to start looking at you more.

When somebody knows that you’re the authority and the expert, that’s when they want to start buying your product or service. Don’t just try to have them to get their information. Don’t just try to make them download a PDF. Let them get to know you first before you ever have them download something, right?

Or even if you’re a brick and mortar business, believe it or not, this actually works for you too.

Imagine if you’re selling hot dogs, and all of a sudden you start creating awesome video content about all the different hot dogs that there are at your store, and you start showing this to the masses on social media.

Now, once you start creating these videos, you want to make sure you run ads behind them. You cannot just post them on your business page or your personal page. You actually have to run ads behind them.

Why is this so important and not just to boost?

Because you want to be able to target people, to retarget people, to create lookalike audiences, and to be able to get thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands of people seeing you, your product, your service.

You can’t do this by just posting in on your business page or just posting it on your personal page. You have to run ads, and then you can generate anywhere from 50,000, 150,000 180,000 people and eyes on you in your local area.

You can get upwards of 5,000, 6,000, 8,000 posts, comments, shares, getting people to actually engage with you and your product and service.

If you do this right, your product, your service, you as a professional will be seen as the go-to expert in your area, and that’s how the money starts flying in, right?

Instead of just being exposed to a few people here and there, you’re exposed to massive amounts of people watching you, watching your videos about your product or service, hours and hours, hundreds of hours of watch time when you do it correctly.

Now think about it. Let’s just take the example of a real estate agent, right? They do open houses, they spend about five hours getting the open house ready, driving there, driving back, and all the time and energy.

They only exposed themselves to a very few amount of people. Now imagine if they actually did something like I just talked about, created an ad, giving great content, created a video, and then had hundreds and hundreds of hours of watch time with people seeing their video, seeing their product, seeing their service. This is possible for any industry, and especially right now.

More than ever we need to be taking our business, our products, our service, what we offer from offline to online. That’s how we’re going to thrive and survive right now in this market.
You’re saying to yourself, “Well, Krista, it’s too hard. I don’t like technology. It’s difficult.”

Guess what? You can learn it just like anything else, just like riding a bike or kissing for the first time, right? You can learn it, and you know now more than ever that you cannot continue to do what you’ve always done and expected a different result in your business.

You have to do things differently. You’ve got to be smarter, you got to be innovative, you’ve got to use digital marketing, you’ve got to use social media and video to stand out as the expert.

Let me tell you something. I know you’re nervous, I know you’re scared, but guess what? We teach people to do this all day long, and right now, we’re actually having a free challenge. What? Yes.

That means you’re going to get 20 days of coaching from me and my staff personally, live trainings to actually help you navigate your way through this crisis.

Again, I don’t care what business you’re in, what professional that you’re in, we can help you, but you’ve got to get out of the box, get off that seat, start to do something new, learn to be coachable, and actually have an open mind that there’s actually a new way to generate business, reach the masses and take your business from offline to online.

Guess what? I’m going to help you.

All you have to do is go to, that’s, and sign up, and I will see you there. Don’t let fear hold you back. You can do this. It’s up to you.
Have a good day.

Ideas for Making Money Online

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