How To Thrive (Not Just Survive) During COVID-19 Situation

How To Thrive (Not Just Survive) During COVID-19 Situation

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How To Thrive (Not Just Survive) During COVID-19 Situation

Today I want to talk to you about how to thrive (not just survive) during COVID-19 situation.

Okay, so we’re going to talk ways about how we can survive, not survive, thrive right now during this coven 19 virus and with the lockdown, the shutdown that Ron. Now, here’s what I want everyone to understand and I’m not trying to feed into the, to the virus, but the truth be told is that many of us right now, we are on lockdown. We’re on quarantine. We cannot leave our homes, right? And so we’re seeing so many businesses shut down. It’s very, very, it can be very scary. It can be very alarming. But I want us not to focus in and hone in on that negative energy. I want us to focus in on getting our minds to start thinking, what can we do right now in business today to start making an impact? And here’s what you have to understand, is that a lot of the strategies that you’re going to be doing are not, may not give you money exactly right now.

Right now people are a little nervous.

They’re a little scared. They might not be taking the same kind of actions that they were before, but all the things that you do now are going to have a huge, huge impact on what you’re going to do later. So let’s talk about how are we going to continue doing business right now, right? With what’s going on. So open up your mind, give your mind permission to start really, really getting the creative juices flowing and thinking. So one thing that I want you to think about is if you’re a real estate agent, right? You still can do open houses. If you have video footage or pictures, you can hold a virtual online open house. Now here’s the importance. When you do this, you want to make sure that you run a Facebook ad and so you actually get people to actually see that you’re having an open house, right?

And you want people to specifically register any kind of training activity that you’re doing for your business, whether you’re in real estate or outside of real estate. Make sure you had people register. And the reason why I want people to register is because then we get their contact information. So you’re going to have people register for this open house and you’re going to have it for a specific time. Let them know not to worry if they’re not able to make the open house that you’ll email them the open the virtual open house later. Now, why is this important? Number one, when they register, you get their email address, you can upload that into your CRM and then you can continue to market to them and stay in touch with them after. Also, you want them to show up to the open house so that you can develop a relationship with them. They can ask you questions that you can get to know them and all that, right? So that’s one strategy.

Virtual Seller and Buyer Seminars

Another thing you can also do is do virtual seller and buyer seminars or you can do any type of seminar, no matter what type of business you’re in. And again, when we’re thinking about virtually, and what I want to understand is it is to everyone is at Facebook, let’s just talk about Facebook right now. A,L , G. O. R. I. T. H. M. so Facebook has an algorithm. All right? So the reason why many people when they start utilizing these different platforms, whether it be Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or Instagram or whatever it might be, there is an algorithm there. And these platforms, they actually want people’s money to advertise. And the good thing is, is that right now that the money is very, very affordable. Meaning what we’re finding is that it’s about six times more affordable right now to market and advertise on these platforms.

Learn the algorithms

So you’ve got to learn the algorithm, you’ve got to learn how to make these platforms want to organically share your stuff. But then also you have to learn how to pay for ads to get your information out there. So you’re seeing in front of the public with most of these platforms, the only people that are seeing you are the people that are already interacting with you. People that are already your friends, your family members, they’re seeing your staff. The objective and the goal is to get people that aren’t only going to see your stuff to see you, right? The goal of you dominating in your industry, in your field is to become the authority figure in your space and now how do you do that? You do that by being in front of people that normally would not see you when you utilize social media correctly, and especially when you accompany the video with that and you and you reach people that normally wouldn’t see you, you start to make a massive impact.

What we find is that we usually get anywhere from around 370 to around just under 600 hours of watch time on every single video that we put out locally. We get massive amounts, even more of videos that we’re putting out nationally, but when you are working G and I’m more of a Tarago geographic area, more targeted geographic area, it’s much, much easier for you to be able to start targeting people. It’s easier to start retargeting people and when you properly utilize these different platforms, you learn the algorithm, you learn the back end of these different platforms on how to properly create ads to read the map, reach the masses. That’s when all of the magic happens. Okay, what else can we do? We want to start thinking community, right? Right now, people are in crisis right now. People are stressed. They want a connection. So what things can you do as a business owner, no matter what business you’re in, to hold to help other businesses?

Let me give you an example.

One of the things that I’m putting on right now, Monday through Friday, I’ve organized trainers to actually do live workout training sessions, right? They’re certified. They do it through zoom. Virtually. The idea is to keep the community on their same schedules. So I’ve incorporated all of that. We have different training classes on Saturday and Sunday and then we also every night at 7:00 PM we have different activities for the evening. For example, tonight is, is quarantining nights, so we’re actually making Martinez tonight. We’ve got a, what are they called, cocktail mixologists coming on line virtually. She’s gonna show us how to make cocktails and we’re going to enjoy virtually making quarantining since we’re in this quarantine, right? Tomorrow night and we’ve got somebody doing paint nights, we’re going to grab glasses of wine and she’s going to paint with us virtually, so we’re going to be able to enjoy paint night as a community.

We also had somebody that braided hair. We had storytelling time and this is something that I actually ended up coordinating and organizing to help support the community, to bring people together. If you’re a business and you have the ability to do something like that, it’s very, very helpful. Tomorrow, which is Saturday, I’m holding online virtual shopping spree day and I’m interviewing 15 businesses. I’m doing a Facebook live and they’re going to, they’re going to promote their product or service. These are the types of things that you want to start doing as a business owner to involve your community during a time like this, right? It’s not so much about what can I sell? What can I sell? It’s more about how can I help? How can I help? How can I serve my community right now? How can I serve so that later on eventually it will turn into selling for people and also you have to think that people are still buying whatever your product is.

Whatever your service is. People still need to sell homes.

People still need to buy homes. People still need an accountant. They still need an insurance agent. They still need a CPA. So whatever it is that you’re selling, whatever profession that you’re in, start thinking, how can I be of service? How can I add value? How can I help people that are going through this crisis right now? What do they need? What pains are they having? How can I help be a solution to their pain? How can I help them get past what’s happening right now? Think like that all the time. If you think like that all the time, it’s going to help your business be able to continue to thrive during what’s happening. Okay, so video, video, video. Right now where are everyone’s eyes? Everyone’s eyes are actually on the computer. They’re online. We as entrepreneurs, we as business owner owners, we have, we as service providers and professionals, we have to go where our customers are, even when it’s not comfortable and when you utilize video correctly, what happens is people get to know you.

They break down your barriers, they get to like you, they get to trust you, and they see you as the authority figure. There’s something called a parasocial relationship, and what that is is it means that when we were younger, we were watching the boob tube and people would, in our brains had been programmed to believe that somebody that we see on the other side of that screen, we believe them to be somebody of kind of importance and we start to develop a one-sided relationship with them. Think about like you’re the best, most awesome TV show that you’ve ever watched, right? You have this character that you just love, love, love, and you feel like you know that character, right? You know what they’re going to say. You know how they’re going to feel when they hurt. You hurt. When they’re happy, you’re happy. It’s the exact same kind of thing.

Parasocial relationships

It’s called a parasocial relationship that happens with you as a professional. When you are getting out into your community, you’re creating video content, you’re serving them and you’re helping them as much as possible. What else can we do right now? No matter what business you’re in, you can call people and you can just say hello, connect with them. Right now. People are answering the phones more than ever. They want a connection. They actually want to talk. So you should be doing a minimum of 10 calls a day to your friends, your family, your spear, to pass clients to people that you meet, people that you know. We can also do 10 video text messages every single day, right? Take out that cell phone, look through Facebook, see what people are up to, do a message to them via via video message on Facebook messenger. If you have their contact information, send them video techs, don’t ask for business.

Just ask them how they are. Recognize something great that has happened to them that you’ve noticed on Facebook. Compliment them on something and let them know you’re thinking about them. This makes really, really good connections. We can also do more. Right now we can update our database and if you don’t have it database now’s an amazing time to call people and say, you know what, I’m in the corn teen. I’m totally bored. I loved up. It might be to base your mind if I can get you to know your, you’re the information on your anniversaries and on your birthday so I can put you in my database because I want to be able to send you awesome birthday cards and treats on your birthdays and on your anniversary. So go and update your database. That’s going to give you do two things. It’s going to have a great database that you can then continue to market to them on a monthly basis.

Digital Newsletters

You can digitally do an online newsletter, you can digitally send videos, you can digitally send updates as far as what your profession is and you’re also making contacts. So you’re killing two birds with one stone. What else can we do? My gosh, there’s more, there are more people love personally to be recognized for something so well, you can do what? You can do a video, a personalized video for their birthdays, for their anniversaries, for any important event that they have. And you can store that video, put it two years into your CRM and set it so that it will text message them and email them at a later time when it’s their birthday and they’re going to be so happy because it’s a personalized video directly from you saying their name. All right. What else can we do? Think about what it is in your area, right?

That somebody might be needing something. What? Maybe nurses maybe doing a nurse, a nurse adopt a nurse or adoptive pet or I’m picking one day every single week. One, one day every week. One day, every night. I’m sorry to interview a local business and to see how they’re doing and you know, get on zoom and ask them questions and sort of interview them professionally about their product, their service, their profession, what they offer to the community. There are so many different things that we can do right now as business owners to number one, support our community to not go stir crazy, to stay top of mind awareness and to keep moving forward more than anything else right now, our goal is going to be to continue to move forward. We want to thrive, right? The goal is to thrive, to stay alive. Now, when I say live, I don’t mean to actually be alive physically.

We want to thrive right now so that we can, when all this is over, continue to be alive.

Our businesses are alive, our businesses are thriving, our businesses are more alive at the end of this than when they were before. And here’s the news. Here’s the real truth about it, that certain people are going to hover down, they’re going to hide under a rock. They are going to be depressed, they’re going to sleep in, they’re not going to take action. They’re going to get stale. And that’s when you want to make sure that you are not doing that. I don’t care what profession you’re in, what business you’re in. You know, here’s a really good example. Yesterday we were calling businesses to be able to interview them, to have them do the local shopping day and one of the business owners said, tell Krista I love her so much.

Thank you so much, but guess what?

You know I am just so upset right now that all of this is happening and I just don’t even want to try to give anybody help. He said that and I tried to call him back because my assistant told me my team member and he didn’t answer. We don’t want to have that kind of attitude. We want to have hope. We want to try anything and everything that we can.

If you’re a hair salon, can you do a video, do a video as a hair salon showing people how to cut hair, right? You can do that. And then offer them an e-card at a discounted price for later on. If you are a restaurant and you’ve never done curbside delivery, do curbside delivery or do actual delivery for people. There are ways to get around just about anything. If you are somebody who maybe does eyebrows or something, do a tutorial.

Show people how.

There are ways that you can serve by right now and not survive. You can thrive if you think outside of the box. Imagine this. Imagine the world never ever changes and for the rest of the life, you’re in isolation. You’ve got to do things just like they are right now. Guess what would happen? You would figure it out. You’d find a way to get innovative. You find a way to get creative. So I want you to pretend like it’s never going to be different, right? You’re going to be stuck in your house or wherever and you have to figure out how to run your business online from home. What are you going to do? Think about what you’re doing now, how you can modify it, how you can adapt it, how you can change it and then change it and more than anything else, keep your mind intact.

You are the master of your mind, you’re the driver of your own ship.

You can achieve anything and everything that you want to. I just actually did a Voxer message to my staff and I said, listen, everyone, we have never been in a better position. It’s horrible what’s happening, but we have to understand is that we are positioned correctly. We already do everything online. We’re already a virtual company. We utilize digital marketing strategies, social media, media, innovation, technology as a part of our business anyways. So if you are not yet, this is a good opportunity for you to realize that now is actually the time for you to start adapting to technology, to bring it in, to feel comfortable with it, right? Everything happens for a reason. This is not a wonderful time. It’s not something that we’re happy about, but it’s here. It’s here and we don’t know how long it’s going to be here.

So don’t sit under a rock. Don’t give up. Get up, get innovative. Get out of your head. Start thinking about thriving. Take the word survive out of your mouth so that you can thrive later. Thrive now, be alive later when all of this is over. That’s what I want you to start thinking about. Okay? So you’ve got homework right now. You need to write down all the things that you can do right now. Go back and watch this over re-record it. What things can you do in your business right now to start making sure that you’re thriving? Well, you can also start creating lead magnets, right?

Start creating amazing content that people can actually download.

So you can start building your list, building your email list. I’ll tell you what we’re building. We’re creating two programs right now, right? We’re creating one program for people because the unemployment rate, unfortunately, came out yesterday and over 3 million people last week alone actually filed for unemployment.

That is almost five times more than the lowest point in 1982 okay, so what does that mean? That means a lot of people are going to be out of work and they need to find jobs. So we’re creating a course called fire financially independent, retire early. Your crappy job won’t quit itself. He hasn’t already written a book. It’s actually on Amazon. You can get it there. Again, that’s fire. Your crappy job won’t put itself from Krista Mashore and it teaches people how to actually take, do something they love to do and how do they actually make a business out of it? How do they market it and how they monetize it? We’re making a program for that right now. We’re also, I have another book coming out that I’ve been working on for over a year called the ultimate playbook for professionals and that teaches people how to utilize digital marketing strategies, create funnels, create lead magnets to be able to market themselves virtually using digital marketing, social media, and video.

So that book fire was launched a long time ago, right? I wrote it a year ago and we didn’t end up doing anything with it. But now that this is happening, it’s an opportunity for me to get that book out there because people need what’s inside that book. Think about what opportunities are out there for you right now. If I had just been sitting into the sand and being sad, I would’ve missed that opportunity. So yes, right now we’re working harder than we ever have. Yes, we’re working longer than we ever have because we want to make sure that we are alive. So we are thriving right now. My mental mindset, my self-talk, 100% is thriving alive, thrive alive. That’s what we gotta think. So open up your brainpower. Give yourself permission to go ahead and continue to learn more, to be innovative, to adapt technology, to seize it, right? We want to love, love, love it. And let’s be open to knowing that not only do we have to, but we’re happy to start moving our business online.

How To Thrive (Not Just Survive) During COVID-19 Situation

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