How to Thrive During Trying Times When You're Uncertain About Life

How to Thrive During Trying Times When You're Uncertain About Life

Posted on March 20, 2020 by

How to Thrive During Trying Times When You’re Uncertain About Life: Your One Minute Morning Mindset

Day 1: Start Your Day Off Right I’ve been thinking about how I could help all of you during this crazy time. And I realized that the one thing that got me through times of crisis is my mindset. In coaching my students, I know that if I can just change one thing­— their mindset✅—they can achieve anything they want. In raising my kids, I always knew that helping them get the right mindset was key to them having happy lives. In the teens I mentor in my Teens Lifting Lives program, mindset is always the focus. I really believe that just about anything is possible with the right mindset. Yes, that’s right, just about anything!!! ⭐

I also know that staying in a positive mindset during times like this is tough! I’ve worked on my own mindset my whole life—reading books, attending seminars, doing therapy, prayer, and meditation, etc., etc. And over the years I’ve learned some tricks and tips that can help us all keep our minds positive, solution-oriented, creative, and productive. This is possible even during difficult times. So, I’m going to share what I’ve learned in this One Minute Morning Mindset series. Why a “morning” series? Because that’s the first tip: Start Your Day Off Right. We all know about eating a good breakfast, right? Well, eating a good “brain breakfast” ? is even more important! And honestly, folks, turning on the news first thing in the morning right now is NOT going to be a positive start! So, what else can you do?

The bottom line is to start your day doing whatever makes you feel good, energized and positive. I have a personal morning ritual that I teach all my students: I get up and exercise and dress first (even if you’re stuck at home, getting dressed is still a good idea). Then I sit down and visualize the life I want to live. I read my goals and my manifesto (which is about who I am and my purpose). Then I write down six things I’m grateful for. The “attitude of gratitude” is one of the most powerful mindsets you can have! When you show gratitude, you get more of what you’re grateful for. Energy goes where focus flows. So, you want to really be grateful for all the blessings in your life. What you think about…. dictates what actions you will take, which is essentially your life. Next, I visualize my day and how I would like it to go. This isn’t just thinking through a To-Do list. It’s imagining each interaction or task having a great outcome! Then I write down six things I’m going to accomplish and schedule them into my day, putting the hardest task first by eating that frog (Yes, you can do this even if you’re not able to work during this time!) Try this morning ritual for a few days and see how you feel. And feel free to comment with your own suggestions of great morning rituals!

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