How To Make Money On Youtube

How To Make Money On Youtube

Posted on May 19, 2020 by

How To Make Money On Youtube

Hi everyone, are you wanting to increase your YouTube presence and possibly even start making money on your YouTube channel

It’s totally important because Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, just behind Google which is number 1. 

Krista Mashore here, with Krista Mashore Coaching, and I want to teach you about how to get the most out of YouTube. It’s so important to make videos but it’s also important to make sure you upload them to Facebook as well as Youtube! 

In this video, I will explain what you need to do in order to “monetize” your Youtube channel and start making money from your videos!  Youtube has a partnership program where you partner with them and make money off of your videos.

How do you make money off of your videos you ask? Through advertising. 

Youtube advertising is different than other platforms. On Youtube, advertisers pay to advertise on your videos!

Did you ever wonder why you see a video advertisement before you watch a similar video? Because that company purposely picked the video you are about to watch to advertise to YOU!  

So it’s no wonder when you watch a video about wine, some type of wine, or a winery that an ad that is related to wine shows up first.

Once you get accepted into Youtube’s partner program Youtube shows your videos to potential advertisers who can advertise their product to you because you fit in their customer avatar.  

We know how the advertising works, but how do we partner with Youtube and get people to advertise on our page? Youtube has only two qualifications for the partnership program, but they both take some time to qualify.  

Now, before I go into the two qualifications I must stress that this is a grind and it doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you are starting from scratch. The first qualification is that you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers.

The other qualification is that you need 4,000 hours’ worth of watch time on your videos. This might seem overwhelming at first or impossible but I assure you it’s not because I did it!

If I did it then you can do it too! 

The first thing you should focus on is getting to 1,000 subscribers. As you are gaining subscribers your watch hours will go up as well. Here are some tips on how to get your first 1,000 subscribers. 

1. Run a contest where if people subscribe they enter a drawing for a prize

2. Email your videos to your subscribers 

3. Collaborate with other Youtube channels

Also, If you post your videos on Facebook and Instagram, alternate with Youtube. So if you post a video this week on Facebook, next week post a link to your Youtube video instead of your Facebook video.

You should really be posting all your videos to both Facebook and Youtube.

Ask family and friends to subscribe.  Post your videos in groups on Facebook  Post your Youtube videos on all platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, your website, Instagram, etc.)  We call this video Repurposing.

As you gain more subscribers Youtube opens up new opportunities for you to make money off your Youtube page. You can make money from things like selling merchandise, having a members-only section, other types of ads, brand deals, and more. 

I hope this video helped to explain to you how to make money from your Youtube channel! It’s not going to happen overnight but it’s an incredible journey and once you start making money from your videos it makes you want to make even more videos!

It’s exciting every day to log in to your Youtube page and see how much money you made overnight!   

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How To Make Money On Youtube

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