How To Get More Leads Part 2 - Get Quality Leads Consistently!

How To Get More Leads Part 2 - Get Quality Leads Consistently!

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How To Get More Leads Part 1 – Get Quality Leads Consistently!

Are you generating enough leads? Are they quality leads? Are you generating quality leads consistently? I want to help you!

Let me say this again the quality of your marketing whether online or more traditional, reflects both on the quality of your business and you personally.

Quality doesn’t necessarily have to do with flashy graphics or a gorgeous website.

It has to do with: making sure your content is awesome and directly connects with your target market, and b) making sure your content can be found. For example, let’s talk about creating the website. For those of you who aren’t familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), it’s basically one of the ways people find you online.

When you Google something like “homemade toothpaste,” the search engines hunt for words that most closely match what you want to find.

SEO figures out what words people use most often to find whatever you have.

So, in our example, statistics might show that words like “natural,” “teeth,” “toothpaste,” and “homemade” are the words people most often put in that search box. With SEO, you take that information and make sure that your descriptions and titles use the most popular words so your business will pop up on the first page of someone’s search.

Using the correct words to describe your videos, websites, blogs, or online ads will ensure you have higher ranking in the search engines and that your target market will find you.

This applies to Facebook, social media target market specific ads, your website, and anything you put online. (There is a lot of technology and information behind SEO and it could take up an entire chapter in itself. One quick helpful hint is to make sure you add a title to all of your pictures.).

Basically, a pixel is a tracking cookie that follows potential clients online so when they click on your ads, posts, websites or links, they start to automatically get your future videos, posts and updates.

Don’t freak out! This is so simple that anyone can do it.

You’ll just need a little training. Using pixels on a platform like Facebook, you can create a “Target Audience” and “Look Alike Audiences.” There is massive opportunity here and by paying for ads to promote you, your product or service, that is how we see business owners and professionals make massive impact, very quickly.

The problem is most people don’t know how to do it or the strategy behind it, and that is why they fail so often.

You can rely on organic reach, but it will take you long, and rarely do posts or content go viral without paying for exposure. I specialize in teaching businesses how to do this. (To learn more about how we can help you or your business go to

If you want to do quality marketing, most likely you’ll have to spend more than the average person in your business or profession spends.

But it doesn’t have to break the bank.

When implementing some of these ideas or ideas you come up with on your own, stop, and really think about how you can get the job done cost-effectively before you plunge in. As you start to make more money, which you will start to add and expand.

Repeat what you’re learning because as things evolve, we need to continue to improve. 

Obviously, I do a lot to tap into the power of social media and the internet. If you are just starting in this type of marketing, don’t become overwhelmed by it. Take it piece by piece. Your goal is to improve. Start with an ad or a webinar or a blog and track its results (which may not be instant). Then, implement a new technology that will enhance your exposure, maybe doing a video blog the next time.

The key is consistency.

Once you master and implement an innovation or technology, keep doing it and add more. Don’t stop with the first attempt but keep adding to it. Keep in mind that technologies are changing constantly so you’ll need to keep track if something new and improved is out there that can better serve your clients and in turn better serve you.

Some of what I do today seems expensive, like spending $200 on a specific ad campaign on Facebook. But if that ad generates 75,000 to 125,000-views, or 234 to 655 hours of watch time in a two week period, to me it’s totally worth it.

However, I didn’t start there. I added the extra investment into marketing my business as it grew. For each video that I produce—whether for my real estate business or my training and coaching business—I am creating a target audience, retargeting audience or lookalike audience for my campaigns.

I’m showing up wherever they are and redirecting them to what I want my audience to see.

You’re creating an audience, not targeting one person. Anyone who’s ever looked at your videos, or anyone who’s ever researched you, they all become a part of your target audience.

You start showing up on their feed, on their computer—anywhere they go, you’re there. Then automatically, you redirect them to see that next thing you want them to see. 

As always, I’m here to serve, Krista Mashore with Krista Mashore Coaching.

How To Get More Leads Part 2 – Get Quality Leads Consistently!

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