How to Be More Positive - Changing Your Mindset and Mentality

How to Be More Positive - Changing Your Mindset and Mentality

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How to Be More Positive – Changing Your Mindset and Mentality

So sometimes you might be down on yourself because you’re having a rough day or you’re noticing that you’re not quite as positive as you want to be. And guess what? That’s totally fine. It’s normal for us to have some thoughts sometimes that maybe aren’t the most positive. However, what’s not OK is number one for us to talk about those negative things. But also for us to continue to allow ourselves to stay in that negative place for too long. Now, what do I mean by this?

Right. First of all, did you know that we have between 60 thousand and seventy thousand thoughts that come in our mind every single day? And obviously, we are exposed to so much negativity on the news, on social media, just pretty much everywhere we go. Right. We’re seeing bad stuff. And so it’s kind of normal for us to sometimes have negative thoughts that might arise. But what I have found is that the more that I’m really conscious of the thoughts that I have and the more that I notice when they’re not being positive.

And then quickly try to make a change. The more happy and the more positive that I can be.

Right. So don’t beat yourself up when you have negative thoughts, but try to notice when you do and try to turn them around and change them around. Also, don’t speak them. Right. We get what we say. We don’t always get what we think. You might think bad things, but as long as we can notice what we’re thinking. Stop that negative path. Keep us from continuing to go down that negative rabbit hole. And make sure that we don’t voice it back when we have issues, we start voicing negative things.

Give I hear people saying things like, oh, I always have a bad break and this always happens to me and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And guess what? Those negative things continue to happen to those people. Why? Because that’s what they’re always saying and they’re talking about them. So they’re actually bringing in exactly what they are saying. So we want to make sure that we’re focusing on saying good things like I love myself. I have so much abundance.

Business is amazing. I have great minds that I love my marriage. I’m a great at technology. Marketing comes easily. Business is attracted to me. I can go on and on and on and on. Right. So what is it that you don’t want? Don’t focus on that. Focus on what it is that you want. Even if you feel like it’s completely and totally, absolutely impossible for it to ever happen. If you think that all the time.

But you say that and you voice that. The universe is giving you more of that. So do your best to notice what words are coming out of your mouth. You know, I was actually listening to Joel Osteen today. It was April 10th episode, and it was such a great episode that talks about what we say to ourselves. And there’s a lot of biblical terms that actually have to do with what we say and actually what our life ends up being like.

So I want to really encourage you to watch what you say, unless it’s positive. Think about where you want to go, where you want to be, how you want your life to be. Even during these crazy times right now, during the corona virus in the pandemic. Right. It might seem impossible. You might think you’re going to never get your job back or things are going to be just horrible. But if you really set and you talk that and you think that and you let yourself go, you on this horrible rabbit hole that is not helping you.

It’s holding you back. It’s keeping you from proceeding. It’s keeping you from seeing solutions on how to get out of the pandemic. We want to start thinking about solution based thinking. We want to start thinking about things that we want. We want to bring our life more towards things that we want and away from things that we don’t. But when all we’re focused on, all we talk about is the negativity. That’s what you’re getting more of. So be conscious of what you’re saying.

Be conscious of what you’re thinking. Try to turn it around as as often as you can, right as quickly as you can and understand that it’s OK to have bad moments. But we don’t want those bad moments to turn out to bad hours and then bad days and then bad weeks. Then before you know what, you just have a pretty bad, sucky life. You don’t want that. So be conscious of what you’re thinking. Right. Turn it around if it’s negative and really, really be mindful of what you’re saying.

Whatever comes out of your mouth, even if you think it’s not true. I think it’s impossible to be anything good to happen. Don’t voice it. Don’t say it. Only speak in the positive. So I hope this is helpful. I know we all do that, but many times what happens is that we actually start worrying and thinking about things that are never even going to happen. And then what happens? We consume ourselves and then we talk about it and then this whole spiral happens.

It’s like a it’s like a little thing called the ice, a snowball. 

OK, a snowball starts out really, really small. And then of a sudden it starts to gain momentum and gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Don’t let your thoughts snowball about things that might happen that probably never will. How many times in your life have you actually maybe thought somebody was thinking something or sort them thing was going to happen or thought somebody did something because you assumed something? So you let yourself get all this crazy, emotional, you know, thoughts.

And you talked about you said, how do you know you’re worried about all these things? And you were so far off base, it never happened. It wasn’t even close to happening. You wasted all of that time and all the energy and all that negativity. It happens a lot. So watch what you’re thinking. Watch what you’re saying. Try to be positive. Give yourself a break, everyone. So he just kind of it all is sad, but you got to also get yourself out of it as quickly as you can.

So I hope this is helpful. Let me know what else I can do for you. Be sure to share your post notifications. You’ll know a new videos come up and I’d love to hear your comments. These days, it lets me know what else I can help you with. So I hope this is valuable to you.

As always, Krista Mashore from Krista Mashore Coaching and make it super awesome day.  

How to Be More Positive – Changing Your Mindset and Mentality

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