How To Be More Confident On Camera

How To Be More Confident On Camera - Practice Makes Perfect

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Are you wanting to feel more confident on camera and you just don’t know what to do or where to start? I want to teach you how to be more confident on camera!

I totally get it. I was in your place in the past as well. I felt nervous and afraid of what people would think of me on video. But once I got over it. I went from taking an hour to shoot a video to doing it just a few short minutes.

So I’m going to talk about how to actually feel more confident on camera. Digital marketing, especially video marketing, has taken my business into the seven-figure range in a very short time frame. I’ve done countless webinars, Facebook lives, market videos, interviews, and so on. And I want to teach you some of my tricks on being more confident on camera.

Making videos can definitely set you apart from your competition, but making great videos and being confident on camera is going to help you even more. And this works for every industry or profession.

So how do we get more confidence on camera? Practice, practice, practice. Many people think that they’ll never feel confident on camera. So the best way to break through that is to just start doing it. Try it. Practice it. Watch yourself. See how you feel.

Block out time each and every week to practice on-camera delivery. And notice if your eyes seem to be awkwardly focused to one side of the frame or the other, as you say, or are a lot or used to any vocal fillers.

Notice the speed at which you talk, which God only knows. I need help on that one.

Notice what color shirt looks best on you and in front of that camera that you’re using. You can record a video and just send it to a family member or friends for feedback. Just because you record a video, it doesn’t mean you have to actually release it. You can release it when you’ve already.

But don’t try to be so perfect that you never actually get it out there, because getting it out there is the key to actually being successful.

These people need to see you, maybe even just try practicing in the mirror first or sending it to close family members or friends for their suggestions. What else can we do besides just practice? Study other people.

The best way to learn a skill is to actually study somebody else, watch what they’re doing. You can study people outside of your industry as long as they are good speakers. Watch TED talks, your favorite talk show hosts, public speakers, news broadcasters, politicians, or leaders in your industry to actually learn from the very best.

And notice if they are saying UMs and AHS, are they slouching when they talk? What is their hand with it and their body language? Like you can pick up on all of this and so much more by studying other great speakers.

Another great tip is to talk about what you know.

Part of being confident, in general, is actually knowing what you’re talking about. When you actually know what you’re talking about, people can tell. Stick to making videos about topics that you actually know about so that you could be more confident in your videos.

People pick up on confidence or lack thereof. So if you don’t seem confident in your video people are going to feel that in you. Some people can learn a subject, record a video and an hour later they’re good to go.

Maybe it will take you some time to make a video about a new subject, but make sure you know the ins and outs of your subject matter before you actually hit record. You can also use bullet points and teleprompters.

Now that you actually know how to make better videos and what to make videos about, let’s talk now about how to make the video process easier for yourself.

Making things easier and less stressful for yourself is also going to help your confidence. You can download various different types of teleprompter apps from your choice, from your phone or your computer that can actually help you with your script.

I use a teleprompter, and I’m actually using it right now to record this video. It gets easier and easier when you use a teleprompter. So just keep on practicing, but you still need to know about what you’re talking about before you actually start.

But the teleprompter can actually help keep you on track. What else can help you stay on track even more? Is using bullet points. Think about the main talking points you want to actually talk about in your video and make bullet points.

It can look something like this. Bullet point number one, says Intro. And don’t forget to subscribe then various talking points. You’re going to want to talk about your video. So remember talking point one point two point three, then your outro, putting these bullet points into a teleprompter app or even just writing them bullet points on a piece of paper and sticking to your desk or stick it on your wall behind your computer.

Confidence comes easier to some more than others, but we can all become more confident in what we are doing by doing it every single day. The more you practice making videos and the more you record and release the videos, the more confident you will become.

Start with tips I gave in this video and just keep on trying and working. Just be yourself, because remember, everyone else is taken.

And as always, everybody make it a great day. And thanks for watching.

How To Be More Confident On Camera

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