How Landing Pages Helped My Business

How Landing Pages Helped My Business

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How Landing Pages Helped My Business

Do you know the power and value of giving out information?

It’s one of the keys to having a successful business.

When you give out valuable information for free, and you generally want to help people, your customers take notice. The key is to give out the information to help people but in exchange, you want to collect their information to further help them and grow your own contact list. The best way to do this is through landing pages.

Today I am going to share with you exactly what a landing page is and how it changed my business!

A lot of businesses or professionals send out information that is somewhat valuable, but it’s boring. When I send out anything, I put it on steroids. In my real estate business, instead of just emailing a newsletter with tips for people wanting to sell their homes, I create a video on: “Hey, when you’re selling your house, here’s exactly what you should do!”

The video is relatable and memorable, and I explain why they should do the things I recommend. I always show them the research behind it. For example, “If you fully stage your house, statistics show that you’re going to make three to six percent more than if you don’t.”

I’ve also created a number of landing pages. A landing page is created to capture someone’s contact information by giving something of value. Landing pages are super-simple to create, and you can find all sorts of templates online. So how would you use it?

For example, dance studio owner Nina Koch has a landing page with a brochure that tells parents all about having a child in a dance program: how much commitment it will take, how to make sure they have the right studio for their particular child, what they can expect in terms of cost for tuition, dancewear, etc.

A financial planner could have a calculator that tells people how much they’ll need to retire based on their goals. An architect could have reported on “Improvements with the Best Resale Value” or “Best Ideas for Kitchen Storage.”

Get the idea?

It has to do with things you already know that a prospective client does not, and topics of interest to them. Years ago, I ran into some software that you can put on your website to determine the value of a home. Using that software, I created a landing page of “What’s your home worth?”

At the time, no one had done it, so I got a ton of leads by providing potential sellers a good tool to find out the value of their home. After a while, agents in my area started copying me.

Though I still use the calculator, I had to switch to something different. I’ve made landing pages for first-time buyers, such as, “Know what you need to prepare to qualify for a mortgage” and “Five most common mistakes buyers make when purchasing a house.”

On these pages, I add a mortgage calculator. For sellers, I’ve done pages like, “The seven most critical errors that sellers make that take thousands of dollars from their bottom line.” This page uses the home value calculator, but it first attracts potential sellers because they think, “Wow, I don’t want to lose thousands of dollars. What should I make sure I don’t do?”

If you are a small business consultant, you could do: Three Major Decisions Small Businesses Make That Will Cause Your Business to Go Bust. For a divorce attorney: Seven Deadly Sins of Divorce That Your Attorney Loves You to Make (aka More Dollars in Their Pocket).

Or if you’re training real estate agents: A Realtor’s Biggest Pitfall: Assuming Everyone Will Remember Them. A professional tutor: How to Recognize Your Kid is Falling Behind Before They Fail.

For each landing page, the objective is to give people something of value.

In exchange, you get their phone number and email address so you can market to them in the future, offering even more value. Once you have their information, you don’t just let it go. You set them up in a marketing campaign, as we’ll be discussing in Chapters Five and Six.

By continually being innovative, you’re not only standing out from the crowd, which in itself is a huge benefit. You are also showing the community that you care, you work hard, and you are different. Innovation is about creating fresh solutions for people in your community and presenting them in an interesting way.

My third graders weren’t necessarily crazy about math, but they all liked the pizza! You are intelligent, you have ideas, you’re creative, and you have a vision, right? That’s all you need to be innovative. How you engage your community will probably look very different than what you’re doing now, but it’s going to work for you.

Research what big businesses are doing.

Go to content marketing websites and digital marketing websites. Implement and tweak what they are doing, and do it early, before anyone else in your community is doing it. Being an early adopter is key.

Want to learn more about landing pages and generating leads? I have the perfect guide for you! It’s my Ultimate Lead Generating Playbook! You know the best part of my playbook? It’s absolutely FREE! To get my playbook just visit or click the link in the description box below!

If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to leave a comment below! I love getting feedback from you guys!

How Landing Pages Helped My Business

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