What Type of Audience Should I Be Targeting?

What Type of Audience Should I Be Targeting?

Posted on October 23, 2020 by

Every week I answer questions that YOU ask. This week’s question is “What Type of Audience Should I Be Targeting?”. Have a question you would like me to ask?

What type of audiences should I be targeting on Facebook? That’s a question that we got from Jillian Jay today. Well, first of all, Jillian it’s almost impossible for me to know how to answer that question, unless I know who your target audience is, what your objective is when reaching that target audience, right? What profession that you do, and who exactly you’re going after. So in other words, let’s just say you said to me, “Well, Krista, I am a real estate agent or I’m an insurance agent or I’m in the mortgage business. And everything has to do with real estate.” You’re going to want to target people that have interest in real estate, right? If you’re a financial advisor, you’re going to want to target people that have interest in business and finance and retirement. Those are the kind of interests that we’re going to want to target.

So really, in order for me to tell you what type of audiences that you want, you should be targeting, I really need to know who your client avatar is. Who is your customer? What age are they? What are their interests? What are their hobbies? Who do they follow? What do they like to do? What’s their socioeconomic status? Are they educated or not? Are they married? Are they single? I mean, you need to know anything and everything about your client avatar, we call them, who your customer is that we’re going after. And you need to know things about them depending on different phases of the sales cycle that they’re in.

So in other words, if you are, let’s just say, you’re a financial planner and you specifically are targeting people that are going to be retiring, that’s going to look very different than if you were specifically targeting somebody who was maybe just graduating from college, right? Everything would be different. The messaging would be different. What you’re going to say to them is going to be different. Their interests, their lifestyles, who they follow, what they do, their family status, everything is going to be so, so different. So the more you know about your customer, your client, where they’re at in their life, every single thing about them both professionally, personally, and all, the more you’re going to be able to determine what audiences, who you should be targeting on Facebook or any other platform for that matter. So I hope that really, really helps you.

Also, do me a favor and think about this. Think about, are these people that know you? Are these people that have no idea who you are? Are they a cold audience? Or are they kind of warm audience? They sort of know about you, but they know they need help? That is a very, very important feature to be identifying when you’re marketing to people, to be understanding which audiences to go after. These audiences will change over time. Your messaging will change over time, based upon where they’re at in their customer journey with you will also change the messaging and change the audience. So I hope this helps. If you’d like to find out more information or have more questions for me, just go ahead and comment below and we will get your questions answered. And be sure to subscribe and a like so you know when more great content comes out.

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