Tackle Your Back Burner

Tackle Your Back Burner

Posted on March 27, 2020 by

Tackle Your Back Burner

Do you have something you’ve always wanted to do but you keep putting it on the back burner? Now is the time to tackle your back burner! Maybe you’ve wanted to write a book or wanted to try writing poetry. Maybe you’ve wanted to pull out your watercolors and start painting again. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a new career or a new business. Maybe you’ve just wanted to finally clear out that junk drawer—or that junk room!

Even if you’re still working from home at this time, you’ve probably got some extra time. You’re not commuting anymore, right? You’re not going to get your hair cut or your nails did. You’ve got some extra time. You could use it to troll Facebook or binge on TV. But if you use it to do whatever you’ve got on your back burner, trust me, you’ll feel great about yourself!

Ask yourself: What have I been putting on the back burner?

To get whatever it is onto the front burner, you need to schedule in time for it, preferably daily. Block out time where that backburner project is your sole focus. You don’t have to devote huge chunks of time (unless that works for you). Even as little as fifteen minutes a day will get you going. Here are some backburner ideas and suggestions that may help:

Clear it out!

Most of us have at least one space in our homes that make us cringe, right? It’s a drawer or a closet or even a whole room! It could be that box of family photos or your really old tax returns. If it’s something you’ve really avoided clearing out, schedule a small block of time, say just fifteen minutes.

We can stand to do just about anything for fifteen minutes, right? You might find that you want to keep going at the end of fifteen minutes. But if not, just schedule another fifteen minutes the next day. Keep visualizing how great that space will look when you’re done.

Start exercising.

Most of us know how important exercise is. But too many people talk about exercising rather than actually doing it. In the busyness of life, you may have felt like you just didn’t have the time. Well, now you do. Schedule in a block of time every day, again, maybe starting with just fifteen minutes. You can do something as simple as march around the house or jog in place. Even better, you can find thousands of free online exercise routines to follow.

A friend who takes tai chi says her school is now holding virtual classes online. My yoga instructor is doing yoga sessions using Zoom. In fact, I’ve set up something with certified instructors from my community who are doing free virtual classes online every day, and it’s free to everyone. Classes are morning and night and it’s been wonderful.

To learn more details just go to my Facebook Community page, East County Fun, and I’ll be excited to see you there. Find something you like and make a commitment to do it every day. Write it! I know so many people who talk about writing a book or a play or who want to write song lyrics or poetry. Maybe you’ve thought about starting a blog. Whatever it is, schedule a block of time each day when you won’t be interrupted and just do it!

My professional writer friend coaches people to start out by writing ugly. Don’t try to be perfect. Just get your ideas out of your head and on paper. Then step back and see how those ideas might all come together in that song or a book or a blog you’ve always wanted to write. It’s a great time to start a new career or business! Okay, this may seem impossible right now while the economy is crazy.

Now Is The Time

But now is the perfect time to do all of the groundwork and preparation for your new career or business. Get whatever credentialing you need for your new venture. Find someone who specializes in what you want to get great at, and just do it. Lots of schools are offering online courses. Research supply options or marketing strategies. Start building your client or customer base.

Again, schedule in specific blocks of time for this daily. And you may even have a new business or career idea that is perfect for these times, especially if it is online. If so, focus on getting your business idea launched! Your backburner might be different than the ones I’ve mentioned. Whatever it is, now is the perfect time to bring it into focus by scheduling time for it.

Please feel free to share your backburner successes with me so I can share it with the group! Just Hashtag #KristaMashoreCoaching so I can see all your excellent ideas.

Tackle Your Back Burner

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