Success of My Students

Posted on March 1, 2019 by

I love talking to my students.

I’m seeing their mindset change, and I’m seeing their business change, and you know that when your business changes and you feel good about what you’re doing all of a sudden other aspects of your life start changing.

You start feeling more positive about yourself. Your marriage becomes better. You show up better to your family. Inside you feel better. You become this leader and this glowing light of just change and positivity, and that’s what is happening with our students.

It’s not just happening to one or two of them, it’s happening with the majority of them, if they are working the program, putting forth effort, being consistent, implementing what they’re being taught, standing out, being different, being unique, being innovative, all of these things that we teach them, all of a sudden it just hits.

Whether you’re in my program or in any program at all or whether you’re not in a program and you’re just working on your own personal growth and self-development.. Nothing happens overnight!

I mean I always find it funny when people will join a program, and a couple days go by and even a couple weeks, and they’re all “I don’t see anything.”

They don’t focus on what’s working, they tend to focus on what’s not working.

When people are consistent and they take time, all of a sudden it’s like work begets work. Little things in their business start happening.

We had one student, I just wanna brag about her. She was in the program for three months. She spoke today and she goes “I have four closings right now, I’ve got six new buyers, and I’m working with three sellers.” She goes “It’s just exploding.”

I said “Okay, great, that’s awesome.”

She goes, “You know, just a couple weeks ago I wasn’t sure if it was working, and then all of a sudden bam, it just hits.”

I asked “How much business were you doing before?”

She said “Krista, maybe one every couple months.”

It was just so nice to hear her say that.

Then another student  got on and she goes “Oh, we just ran a campaign and we reached over 90,000 people, and it’s just so amazing how it works.”

The first 30 minutes of the call was just one success story after another, one person just saying how their experiences change, their mindsets change, how they’re being recognized from their community.

It’s just so exciting because we know that it works, but the longer that the program is in fruition and the longer that we’re seeing students go through it we’re seeing their successes just explode.

I just had to brag, because I’m so pumped up right now! It was just an amazing call and I wanted to share it with you, because if you are struggling and you’re having trouble and you’re not trusting I’m gonna encourage you to do some research on the Krista Mashore coaching program and just know that it will change your business.

If you are committed to working, if you’re committed to being consistent, if you’re committed to going through the overwhelm, because people do get overwhelmed because they’re learning something completely different.

We’re not teaching traditional techniques of open houses and door knocking, cold calling.

We teach completely different strategies.

We’re teaching digital marketing strategies, how to be a social media expert, how to properly use social media, how to break down barriers to become, we see it as the community expert in your area, and this stuff works phenomenally.

If you work the program, the program works.

It’s impossible for it not to.

If you follow it step by step. If you trust the process. If you keep your mindset positive and you put positive thoughts in here and visualize yourself going.

Here is our company manifesto:

I am a community market leader. I am not just a real estate agent. I am an unstoppable visionary. I am revolutionizing the practice of real estate and contradicting the old school teaching method and approach. I am a lifelong learner. I serve, I do not just sell. I strive for excellence for myself and for my clients. I am changing the way real estate is being done, and how agents are looked at. I don’t rely on traditional measures of getting clients and generating leads. I focus on the future. I continue to push because I know that nothing happens overnight. I appreciate overwhelm because it means that I am growing. I push and I give my all. I will never give up. I know that I am the only one responsible for creating the life that I deserve. I have an abundant mindset. I know that I am the only … oh. I missed one. I continue to push because I know that nothing happens overnight. I appreciate overwhelm because it means that I am growing. I push and I give my all and I will never give up. I have an abundance mindset. I know that I am the only one responsible for creating the life that I deserve. I am an educator. I am a marketer. I am an innovator. I am a trendsetter. My name is ________, and I am a community market leader.

We are creating community market leaders like this all across the country, and they are changing the way real estate’s being done. They are being seen as visionaries, as experts, as just not the normal traditional real estate agent. They are leaders. They are looked at as experts. They are being seen in their communities as someone to go to, as the trusted advisor. They are breaking down barriers, building trust. They are having so much brand awareness and recognition because they are serving people, they are not selling. They are serving people, they are not selling. They are community market leaders and they’re revolutionizing the way that the real estate industry is being done.

This should have happened so long ago. We have been in need of transitioning the way that real estate is happening for years and years and years. Every industry changes and improves and uses innovation and technology, and we have kind of gotten stuck.

No longer is that happening.

I cannot be more excited, and thankful for the success that we’re seeing. The mindset of these people, they are true leaders. They are passionate, and more than anything they have such an abundant mindset they are giving back to one another. It’s this community of people who are just like-minded and helpful and sharing and it’s just amazing and I just wanted to say that I am so excited about it.

If you are struggling you don’t have to be alone. I know it’s scary to know who to trust and what program to sign up for.

What I will say is do some research and you’ll see that we don’t have negative stuff out there because we really, really truly care, and our students are getting results.

The biggest problem we have with the program is that people feel overwhelmed because there’s so much information and it’s so different from anything they’ve ever learned, but we’d love to have you.