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snap out of it

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Snap Out Of It

Today, I’m going to demonstrate a really powerful technique to help you eliminate negative self-talk. I call it Snap Out of It.

The only piece of equipment you need is a rubber band. So, if you’re watching this on video, pause the video and grab a rubber band now so you can do this with me. We have between seventy or eighty thousand thoughts per day. And so many of us beat ourselves up by the negative words and thoughts that we use.

In fact, if we treated other people the way we treat ourselves, most of us wouldn’t have many friends at all. So we need to learn to be kind to ourselves. You see, Most people I know have at least some degree of negative self-talk. Negative self-talk is like “I’m too fat” “I’m too stupid” “I could never do that” “I’m not good enough”—honestly, this list could go on forever, right?
It could even be negative self-talk or negative thinking about your relationship or workplace. It’s basically any time of negative self-talk or thinking. Positive self-talk and positive self-image are so important to your success in life, whether it’s in a career or relationships or physical or mental health. Maybe in the past, we could let some of that negativity slide. In the past, we could say a few rotten things about ourselves and it didn’t seem to matter much.

But that was then, and this is now.

Right now, we need to have the strongest, healthiest mindset possible so we can meet the challenges we’re all facing. So, not only do we need to switch to a more positive, construction perspective about what’s happening. We also need to make sure that we’re super positive about ourselves. We need to stop sabotaging our own power with any negative messages we tell ourselves about ourselves.
The first step to ending our negative self-talk is to become aware that we’re even doing it. And that’s where the rubber band comes in. Here’s what you do: Put the rubber band around your wrist. Now think of something negative you say about yourself. I’m going to use: “I’m horrible about staying organized.” You can pick whatever negative statement you want. As soon as you hear yourself say or think that negative statement “I’m horrible about staying organized,” you snap the rubber band like this.

Next, you come up with a positive statement

Like, “I’m getting better at being organized and I have lots of people helping me with it,” then you transfer the rubber band to the other wrist. When you make another negative statement or think a negative thought, you do the same thing again. By the way, don’t snap the rubber band too hard. You want to feel it, but you don’t need to get black and blue. Here’s how it goes.
Do it with me with your own statements. “I’m a horrible parent.” SNAP! Positive statement. “I am doing the best I can with my kids.” Switch the bracelet as you say it. “I should have been more prepared to handle this crisis.” SNAP! Positive statement. “I’m strong and can handle whatever I need to handle now.” Switch. “My nose is so ugly.” SNAP! Positive statement. “My nose was perfectly designed for my face.” Switch.

You get the idea now, don’t you?

You can also use this for negative thoughts about others. For example: “My husband is so messy.” SNAP! Positive statement. “My husband is loving and kind and tries hard to remember to pick up after himself.” Switch. “The kids are making too much noise and driving me nuts.” SNAP! Positive statement. “I’m lucky to have kids who are healthy and happy and full of life.” Switch.
When you do this, make sure your positive statements ring true to you. For example, if you say, “I’m a horrible housekeeper” you probably won’t believe a positive statement like, “I’m the Martha Stewart of my neighborhood,” right? Instead, try something like “I can get better at housekeeping” or “I’m a good person and my house doesn’t have to be perfect.”

Make it a game.

Notice just how often you say or think something negative. If you live with others, ask if they’d like to join you with their own rubber bands. Teach your kids how to do this. You’ll be surprised as others see how much more positive and happier than you are, they’ll automatically want to join you.

Do the rubber band for at least a few days and you’ll notice that your self-talk will naturally become more positive and that you’ll instantly correct yourself whenever it’s negative. I’d love to hear about your rubber bands stories and what new positive statements you’re making about yourself so be sure to share them with me on our social channels. #KristaMashore

Snap Out Of It

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