Say The Magic Word - Changing Your Vocabulary Changes Your Life

Say The Magic Word - Changing Your Vocabulary Changes Your Life

Posted on March 25, 2020 by

What if I told you that you could totally shift your attitude by changing out just one word you use for another?

Say The Magic Word – Changing Your Vocabulary Changes Your Life

I read an article by a guy named James Clear. He’s written a book called Atomic Mind. And he wrote that eliminating one word that we use all the time can make a huge difference to how we approach our daily lives. He says to just switch out “have to” for “get to.” That seems too simple, right? So, I tried it to see if it made a difference.

First, I said to myself, “I have to work from home” and felt how that felt. Next, I tried, “I get to work from home.” Yikes! Total difference. “I have to work from home” felt like a burden or at least an inconvenience. I could tell I felt a little grumpy about it. But when I said, I get to work from home,” I felt upbeat and excited like I’d been given a gift by someone. . .

My mind immediately started thinking about possibilities and I felt enthusiastic. It surprised me how powerful it was. I tried it on some other phrases. “I have to go out and find toilet paper today.” Ugh! I immediately felt cranky and had all kinds of images of what a hassle it was going to be. Then I imagined having to use a hose to, you know, keep it clean down there. So I shifted my focus……..then I tried, “I get to go out and find toilet paper today.” Instant switch.

All of a sudden, going out to find TP was like a scavenger hunt! It was like a game to see how clever I could be about finding the Charmin. My brain started coming up with all kinds of ideas about where to start looking, some of which were pretty good. None of these good ideas showed up when finding toilet paper was something I have to do.

Test It For Yourself.

What are some of the things you often tell yourself you “have to” do? First, say it the way you usually do. For example, “I have to cook dinner.” Take a moment to feel how it feels to you. Then try, “I get to cook dinner.” How is it different? Actually, lately, I’ve been excited about “Having to cook dinner.” It’s one of my family goals, to try to make dinner 3-4 times per week, but it gets challenging at times. But now, it’s easy to make dinner at home and I love doing it.

Oh, one thing I need to mention about saying “I get to”, it doesn’t work if you say “I get to” sarcastically, like, “Yeah, great. I get to do my tax return.” You need to be sincere or at least neutral about it. When you test this out, don’t just gloss over it. Really pay attention to how you feel and the thoughts you have with “have to” versus “get to.” For me, the feelings with “get to” range from gratitude to enthusiasm to inspiration.

All The Good Stuff!

When I say “have to,” the only positive thing I feel is a determination to get it done. But, other than that, I feel burdened, hassled, obligated, resentful—not the feelings you want for a strong healthy mindset! Once you’ve experienced the difference, work on making “get to” a habit. You might want to start with the little things like, “I get to wash my hair” and work up to bigger things like, “I get to find a way to pay my bills.” Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Say The Magic Word – Changing Your Vocabulary Changes Your Life

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