Remember Times You Overcame

Remember Times You Overcame

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Remember Times You Overcame

Do you know anybody who hasn’t gone through tough times? We all have, right?
And the thing is, we came out on the other side stronger and smarter ?????. It was like it was meant to happen to us, but at the time we didn’t see that. I speak from experiences like when I had to spend my high school days in a Foster Home and the first time I found out my previous husband was having an affair and he left me with two little girls and an empty bank account. ?

I’ve been through rough economic times and health challenges, as well. My life may look perfect to many people now but there were times when it looked like a mess. Here’s the deal: I got through those bad times and you’ve gotten through bad times yourself. We all have!!

Now is the time to remind yourself of all the times when you persevered and got through tough times or overcame challenges. With everything hitting the fan right now, it’s easy to slip into worrying about the future. Today, worry and anxiety are as infectious as the virus we’re facing!

But worry is useless.

When you’re worried and anxious, you make rotten decisions. You don’t see solutions, only obstacles. You forget how strong and capable and smart and talented you are. Look into the mirror and remind yourself of the smart, competent, warrior that you are. Remind yourself that you are a Survivor!!! A Thriver!! ?

To relieve worry, some people say you should ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” This works sometimes because it puts things into perspective, especially smaller worries. Like if you’re worried that your dog may pee on the carpet, the “worst that can happen” is not a very big deal. But if you’re worried about something like a serious diagnosis, the “worst that can happen” may seem pretty horrible and give you, even more, to worry about!

Instead, when you find yourself starting to worry, tell yourself the story of when you overcame some challenges in the past. You’ll not only feel better, but your mind will clear so you can get solution-oriented and creative again.

Here’s what you can do

Make a list of all the times you overcame something that was challenging for you. It might be something as small as learning to ride a bike or as big as dealing with the death of a loved one.
For each challenge, list what you brought to the table to overcome that challenge. You might list things like “courage” or “tenacity” or “patience.”If you can remember it, write down what you feared might happen at that time. Maybe you thought you would end up living on the streets or that you would never love again.

Write down the end result. How did it turn out differently than what you were afraid would happen? I remember when my husband left, I thought my life was over. I was depressed, felt broken, lost over 30 pounds (and I am already pretty thin, so it was really bad.) But, I’ve found love again, it was almost as if that was meant to happen so I could be with Steve, my lover, and friend. ?

Remember Times You Overcame

It’s helpful to take out this list whenever you start to feel worried or anxious. And for parents, now is be a great time to teach your kids to do this to help them feel stronger as they face their own worries. Now is the time to remind ourselves that we are all overcomers. And we have the smarts and strength to face this, and we will all recover!!

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