Q and A What Can I Do Other Than Mailing Expired Listings & For Sale by Owners to Reach Them?

What Can I Do Besides Mailing Expired Listings and For Sale by Owners?

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What Can I Do Besides Mailing Expired Listings and For Sale by Owners?

Every week I answer questions that YOU answer! If you would like to submit a question just visit http://bit.ly/30d1aMd.This week’s question is from Susan McAndrews. What Can I Do Other Than Mailing Recent “Expired Listings” and “for Sale by Owners” to Reach Them?

We have a question now from Susan McAndrew, and Susan says, I’m a new realtor and have literally been trying to get set up for less than a month before this pandemic shut our doors.

What can I do other than mailings to recent expired listings and for sale by owners to reach them? OK, Susan. You would not believe how many real estate agents and lenders and actually people in any profession that have written into us saying, hey, I just entered this new profession and now all of a sudden the doors are shut. What do I do? So it’s actually a great question. It’s also very relevant. Let’s just talk about business and then we’ll get into the open houses, because I want to address not just realtors, lenders, but actual business owners.

What can you do to still be top of mind awareness? What can you do to be on the forefront and stay in your communities face, so to speak? Produce content right now, more than ever, we need to be producing as much content as possible, not just about business, but about life. How can we help people? How can we add more value? How can we support them? How can we get them?

Move them away from pain and a little bit more towards pleasure. What hacks and tips and tricks can we give them? Give them. How can we just make them smile. What kind of content can you produce to make somebody smile? Maybe it’s you, you know, washing your dog. Maybe it’s you cooking a wonderful meal.

Maybe it’s you washing your car or doing something funny and dancing like a crazy person.

What can you do right now to make people smile is going to be the most important thing that you can do to generate and sustain business when this pandemic is over. Being in front of people, not just talking about your business, it’s important to update people about your business and to give them advice and encourage them about your business and let them know what you do. I think it’s even more important right now during this pandemic to do less of business promotion and more of community promotion and making people smile and giving support and advice and help that’s going to go so much further and make such even more impact on people. Right now

think about what can I do to make an impact on people? How can I serve people? How can I make somebody smile or just just give them a little bit of light and hope? That’s what you want to be doing right now. And then on top of that,  bring in a little bit of business, answer some business questions, do what I’m doing right now. But as you see right now, I’m not really promoting myself.

Right. I’m just answering questions. And I’m delivering value. I’m serving and I’m helping. That’s what I want you to think about. And the more that I do that, the more people are going to be reminded of what I do later. Right? The more that you do that within your community or the more that you do that to the clients that you’re trying to serve, whether it’s local or national, and you’re targeting them and reaching them in a way they are giving hope and and making them smile.

It’s going to go a long way. Let’s get specific to your question now. She’s asking you specifically about how she reaches for sale by owners and expired. But I want you to think about this. Whether or not your real estate agent. I want to be thinking, how do I reach people, my consumer, the person that’s interested in my product or my service? How do I actually take my business from Off-line and bring it to online? Number one is you want to start creating as much content as possible on social media and properly distributing that content.

More importantly than ever, it’s properly distributing it. I tell people about the 60s you need to commit to consistently producing content correctly. If you do this, you’re going to be able to convert more because you’re making a connection with people, because you’re making a connection. You’re going to convert more clients and more customers. That properly correctly distributing the content is so, so important because everyone can just post on their business, page your post on their Facebook page or post on Instagram.

But if nobody is seeing that content, it doesn’t make a difference that you’re actually even producing it to begin with. And that’s where the trickiness comes in, right. Is learning how to properly distribute that content. I would make sure that I am producing content online on my social media channels. I specialize in Facebook, right?  We’re really mastering YouTube as well.

But I make sure that I utilize Facebook and I create ads and campaigns and I’m targeting people about my specific subject matter and my content so that they’re actually seeing it. You see, the trick is, is making sure they actually see it. And because Facebook and Instagram on YouTube is a business. If you don’t properly distribute it, they’re not letting everyone see it. They’re kind of holding it back from being seen, especially Facebook. You can organically get get rich, but it’s very, very difficult.

Or you can spend, you know, 20, 30, 50 hundred dollars and you can get one hundred and fifty thousand people to see a video or 200 people 200 hours or 300 or four or five or six hundred hours of watch time from somebody seeing you and your product or your service. So that is so much more valuable. So specifically thinking as a business owner, how do I get in front of people? So they’re seeing me. You do that by creating content and then properly distributing it through running ads, creating look like audiences, targeting people and bringing them down your funnel.

If you want people to reach expired and people that were for sale by owners, you create a funnel, you create a landing page and you drive traffic.

You actually produce content. That’s somebody that was expired or for sale by owner, will be interested in. And then you create a landing page. You create a funnel and you bring them down your funnel and you continue to give them more information that solves their problems. And that positions you and shows that you’re the expert. And then once you do that, then it’s easy to convert them into clients. So you need to start thinking about why their home didn’t sell to begin with.

Right. What problems did they have answering those questions throughout your funnel, throughout your landing pages so that people are more likely to convert? So that is my short but long answer to how to reach for sale by owners and expired as well as local professional or a local business or service provider. How do you get exposure so people are actually seeing you. So they want to actually work with you. So good news is if you’d like me to answer more of your questions online.

Just email [email protected] That’s [email protected] And please be sure to let us know who you are that we can let you know when we’re answering your questions live.

What Can I Do Besides Mailing Expired Listings and For Sale by Owners?

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