Q and A How Can I Kick-off My Real Estate Career in a Crisis

Q and A How Can I Kick-off My Real Estate Career in a Crisis

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Q and A How Can I Kick-off My Real Estate Career in a Crisis

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for spending a little bit of your time with me. Are you ready to be fired up? Because I sure am. And we’ve got a special offer that we’re making just because of this pandemic where you can actually be coached for free by me for the next 20 days.

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OK, everyone quick questions with Krista. Super happy to have you.

So the first question that we had is how can I kick off my real estate career in a crisis? But here’s what I want to say. Whether you’re in real estate or anything else. This applies to you. Maybe you’re in a new industry. Maybe you just recently got a license and whatever career. And maybe you’re a business to business market or your real estate agent or your lender and you just don’t know what to do.

But here’s what I want you to understand.

There is no better time than the present right now during this pandemic to be able to seize opportunities. And please understand, I say seize opportunities. I don’t mean to take advantage of the situation, but I mean, we’re in a situation and we can’t help. It’s not our fault. So we can do a couple of things.

We can number one do what most people are going to do. And that’s going to be giving into the fear and the stress overwhelms us, right?

To where we just are paralyzed. And we do nothing.

That’s what most people are going to do right now.

And I’ve got to tell you that it amazes me right now to see how many people that are just kind of sitting under a rock. They’re panicking. They’re scared. They’re nervous. They’re not moving forward. That’s how a lot of people deal with pressure and anxiety.

And I can tell you why I see this right now and I know it to be true.

I have been doing a free challenge now for about a month and I specialize in digital marketing strategies. If you’re a real estate agent, I’ve sold over two thousand homes. I’ve been in business for 19 years. I really know real estate, right? I’ve sold, I’ve written two bestselling books, all about real estate. I’ve written two more books, all about digital marketing.

And people are not showing up.

People sign up for this challenge and they know that I specialize in digital marketing. I’ve created four million dollar funnels where each funnel made over a million dollars from the digital marketing funnel. So I understand digital marketing and people are not showing up. Now, I don’t say that to brag. Think about it. We have agents and local professionals and businesses that right now more than ever need to use online digital marketing strategies to stay relevant, to stay in business.

And less than 10 percent of the people that are actually signing up for the challenge are showing up.

But the good news is the ones that show up, they show up every single time.

And they’re learning new strategies and new ways. It’s a top of mind awareness. They’re learning new ways to digitally market themselves and to attract business instead of chasing it all the time. But my point to you is that there is no better time than right now. Yes, right now there’s no better time to have more opportunity than right now during this pandemic.

So while most people are afraid and they’re stopping, this is when you start.

You don’t just sell, you serve, you help you answer questions. You add value. You support other local businesses. You interview other local businesses. You give people strategies on how to deal with the pandemic, right? You help. You help as much as you can. You talk about awesome things are to do in your neighborhood or in your community, even during the pandemic. What can people do inside of their homes?

There’s so much that you can do right now to stand out as the authority figure in your profession, in your business, to start attracting business and not chase it.

Eventually, this pandemic will end. So we want people to remember you, right. But they cannot find you or know about you or they can’t buy your product or your service or buy you unless they know about you. So you’ve got to you know, in order to be known, you need to be seen. You need to be heard. To be known. Be seen. Be heard. Help people get out there. Right.

Talk about what’s happening in your industry.

Talk about the real estate market if you’re a realtor.

Talk about if you’re a divorce attorney, ways that you can actually manage the stress and get along.

If you’re working an insurance agent, talk about, you know, how this pandemic is going to affect people now with getting insurance and what that means.

Talk about solutions to problems that people are having.

Be a solution based thinker and get that content out there and show up. That’s what you do right now, no matter what business or profession you’re in, whether you’re new to an industry or whether you’re trying, whether your experience and seasoned, and, you know, you need to start reaching your community differently.

Let me ask all of you a question.

How many of you have known that you need to be online? This pandemic is giving you the opportunity to do so, it’s forcing you to do so. But many people would sit, they’ll wait and they’ll do nothing.

You have to ask yourself a question, which type of person are you going to be? Are you going to be somebody who learns how to go under? Over. Through and around this pandemic’s. You can still operate business. Where are you going to hide under the rock? No, we want to go over, under, through and around. We don’t wanna hide behind it. Right. So don’t be afraid to do so. That is my answer to your question.

And Tina, I hope it helped.

Q and A How Can I Kick-off My Real Estate Career in a Crisis

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