Prt 3 - How NOT To Succeed in RE

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What mistakes are people making?

Most people are doing what’s my home worth. I get it. What’s my home worth, it’s a great thing to do. But a lot of times, they’re giving away the farm. Meaning instead of just saying what’s my home worth, you can find out how homes in this certain subdivision are selling for 7% higher than in any other homes in Brentwood. Or you can say, “Hey, this home had 17 offers and sold for 5% more than any other house in the area. Find out why.”

Do something like that.

Or find out why this home sold. Find out why we had. Don’t just say what’s my home worth, try to figure out what it is that you can offer without giving away the farm.

The idea is to grab people’s attention, to reel them in, to get them want, asking for more, to get them to want to give you their information. That’s the idea. But if you give everything away, then they’re not gonna have a reason to want to look for more. To want to call you or to reach out for help.

They’re not gonna want to investigate more of what it is that you are offering because you’re already telling them. What you want to do is you want to make sure that you’ll always give as much information as value, but don’t just tell them everything. Try to see what kind of copy that you can be utilizing in your marketing to get people to want to act more, to give you more information, to give you more of what it is that they are doing.

The biggest mistake that agents are making not to be successful is they’re giving away the farm without trying to extravagate more information from the people without trying to get more value. And

Don’t make the mistake. Don’t give away the farm. Try to get people’s information. Try to get people to give you as  much information as possible. Really think about what words you are using in your marketing.

What is your copy like? Are you using descriptive words? Are you using words to provoke someone to take action? To make them want to go to the next level, to make them want to click, right? And it’s getting harder and harder to reach people because there’s so much marketing on Facebook and on other social media sites that we’re using. So how do you stand out above the noise?

The idea is to use proper copy, proper images to get people to want to take the next action. If you are staying and doing the same thing everyone else is, they’re not gonna click because they’re seeing it all the time. You need to give them a reason to want to find out more.


I want to know how they got 17 offers. Or I want to know how that house sold for 5% more. I wonder how much it sold for. I didn’t tell you. Then they have to click and then they’ll find out more.

— Krista Mashore

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