Prt 2 - How NOT To Succeed in RE

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Mistake number two, what is the second biggest mistake …

What are you doing to help you not succeed?

This is not just for real estate agents, it’s for every single business out there. If you are a professional, a local professional or business, this is a mistake that most businesses, real estate agents, lenders, CPA’s, accountants, insurance agents, attorney’s, doctors, lawyers, that they’re not doing enough of to actually be more successful. What is that? It’s they’re not properly utilizing social media.

They are under utilizing social media, and if they are utilizing social media, mistake number two is not they’re using enough of it. They’re not using enough social media, and they’re not utilizing it correctly.

If professionals are utilizing social media, they’re not utilizing it correctly.

They’re not running out to their ads manager account, they’re not retargeting, they’re not creating lookalike audiences. They’re just boosting, they think boosting is enough. If you’re just boosting, you’re not able to do anything with those analytics, you’re not able to see what people are doing, and then see who’s watching, and whose interacting, and whose engaging. Then, you’re not able to retarget to them, and to send more information that’s similar to the first thing that you sent them.

If you properly utilize social media, you’re able to do all of that.

You can actually target people specifically, that have interacted with your videos. Now remember, mistake number one was not utilizing enough video. Mistake number two, is not utilizing social media. How not to succeed as a real estate agent, how not to succeed as a local professional, is not utilize social media correctly. It’s imperative.

Do you know that people are going on social media insanely?

There’s 2.23 billion people just on Facebook alone. The average person goes to Facebook 17 times a day, and spends over 50 minutes a day just on Facebook. Imagine how powerful Facebook can be when you’re properly utilizing it, and you’re actually utilizing it correctly. You need to think about something, Facebook is a business. I’m not just talking about Facebook. We also believe in Instagram is very important, and YouTube. Although I will say, pick your platform. Pick one and really master it, know how it works correctly, and really, really learn it to the best of your knowledge.

Utilizing social media, you gotta think about this. Imagine if you throw a video, or an ad out. You can then see exactly how many people watch the ad, you can see how long they watched the video, and then if they watched the entire thing. You can see if they’ve watched 10%, 50%, or whatever it might be. Then you can say, “Okay, I’m going to create another ad that’s similar to the one I did, with the similar kind of information. I want all the people that actually watch this ad, then to see my next one.” You’re bringing them down your funnel, you’re retargeting to them.

Then by the time you get to the bottom, it’s very, very, those people are very serious because they’ve continued to go down your funnel. The more that they see you, and the more that they’re showing interest.

Get people that are showing interest in your subject matter. Again, know, like, and trust factors are being, are established. Showing yourself as the authority, and it’s just amazing.

Mistake number one was not utilizing enough video. Mistake number two, not using enough social media. Social media, think about it, you’re on social media right now. Think about how powerful social media can be utilized for you to then generate your brand, for people to get to know you, how you can then actually  put ads for people to actually see.

Facebook’s a business.

They want your money.

If you’re just posting on your business page, if you’re just posting on your personal page, only about three percent of people are actually seeing you because Facebook wants you to pay to play. They want your money. If you want people to actually see you and engage with you correctly, you’re going to have to pay for them, and do it through your ads manager account, and properly utilize it.

— Krista Mashore

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