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What is a mistake that many, many agents are making? What are they doing? What are they doing incorrectly that, if they didn’t make this mistake that I believe, even not just agents, but in any business or any industry, exactly what would help them to be more successful more quickly? And, even if you’re a professional, this advice absolutely works for you, even a local business.

What’s one of the biggest mistakes that agents are making across the country that I found from interviewing so many of the top agents across the United States?

Here’s what I’m noticing: A lot of them are not utilizing video.

Video is so, so important to be using in your marketing strategies because it helps people to get to know you. So, video is absolutely crucial.

I want you to just think about and remember how important it is for you to be using video in your marketing strategies. Did you know that 80% of all web traffic in 2019 is going to be video? 80% of all we traffic. That’s just a huge, huge number, isn’t it? Last year it was around 70%. So, it continues to increase all the time.

93% of businesses reported that they’re gaining new customers as a direct result of using video.

That stat comes from The first stat I said actually came from Sysco. So, these are true, real stats, I’m not making up, that researchers are utilizing and finding out to let you see, as a business owner, as local agent, as a professional, just how important it is to utilize video in your marketing efforts.

Did you know that, on average, that people spend 2.6x more of their time on a page when it has video on it? I mean, 2.6x they’re more likely to spend on a certain page when they see video on that page. So, what does that mean? It means that you need to start utilizing more video.

Did you know that one minute of video is equivalent to 1.6 million words?

That’s crazy. Just one minute. And, viewers retain 95% more of a message when they actually watch it. What does that mean? That means when they watch a video, they retain 95% of it. But, when they’re watching … just reading something, they only retain 10% of it. So, it’s super, super important that you’re utilizing video.

Video helps you to break down barriers. It helps you to be seen.

You also become known as the expert authority in your area.  It works in any industry, especially if you’re doing it on a local level. Because, it’s easier for you to get in the minds of your consumers because you live in the area, you can talk about the area. And, you can talk about what’s really important and relevant to them specifically, if that makes sense.

If you are thinking, “I’m not good on video. I don’t like to do video. I’m afraid of it.” I’m gonna tell you, you gotta start. Because, those statistics are just absolutely insane.

Good videos actually increase brand awareness by 139%. 139%.

You are a brand. If you’re a professional, or you;re an agent, or a lender, or a local professional, you’re a brand. You are a product. You are a service. If people are much more likely to interact with you and recognize your brand, or your product, or service, or utilize it more, or use it more, and remember, you’re a product, doesn’t it make sense that you should be utilizing video? You want more business. You wanna be busier, right? You want to be able to connect with your customers? You do it utilizing video.

Social videos generate 1200% more shares than just text alone. 1200% more shares than just using a text that has images on it. That’s a big deal when you’re doing social videos, right? So, it’s important for you.

Everybody wants free search. You want free search! When you use videos on Facebook, you have 135% more organic reach. That means you’re not even paying for it. That’s amazing. 135% more organic reach just by utilizing video.

What is this saying?

If people are much more likely to engage with video, to engage with you, shouldn’t you be using it?

Do you wanna be busier? Do you wanna reach more customers? Do you wanna break down barriers? Do you wanna be seen as the expert authority in your industry? Video helps you do it. And then, also, properly exposing it does a really, really good time as well.

56% of customers believe that a company should have video on their website. That’s from Forbes.

If you don’t have video on your website, it’s time to start.

You can just start by just utilizing this. You don’t need to worry about having fancy lights, or any of that stuff. You just need to utilize your cell phone. Make sure you have a nice background. Make sure the lighting is okay and that there’s no crazy noises going on behind you. Just start shooting. It’s really as simple as that.

I know it’s hard. Some of you are just so worried about it. But guess what? Don’t you notice it’s happening more, and more, and more? Why is that? Because it works. It’s truly effective. That’s why more marketers are actually utilizing video, because they know that it’s actually helping their business grow faster. They’re making more revenue. They’re reaching more customers. They’re reaching more clients.

Your job as a local professional, as an agent, as a lender, as an attorney or a CPA … As any local business or any local professional, your job is to do what? It’s to be seen, to be heard, so you can be known. Your job is to break through all the noise, right? Your job is to stand out as a local professional. And, if there is a lot of competition, the best way to do it is this.

Now some of you are thinking, “Well Krista, I’m not like you, and I’m not comfortable on video.” Or, “I’m not comfortable being social.” Are you comfortable talking about your content? Are you comfortable talking about your product, or service, or what it is that you … Are you comfortable helping people and giving tips and advice? Just think of it like that. Just stick a big head or something, or a ball, right where your camera is, and just talk to that ball. Or, pretend like you’re talking to just one person, your mom, or your dad, or your husband, or whatever it might be, or your dog. And, just pretend like you’re telling them about your product or service. You’re telling them about something that’s happening in the community. And, just start talking. And then, just keep on doing it over, and over, and over again. And before you know it, it’ll be super, super simple.

Think about the first time you wrote a contract. How long did it take you? Like two hours!

Now you can do it in five minutes because it’s gets easier and easier over time. When I first started doing video, I was terrible. I couldn’t stand it. I remember having to do about 50 takes, and then the video guy had his friend there.

I make mistakes. It’s okay. People want you to make mistakes, because it shows that you’re human. People are put off by perfection.

Did you see that?

People are put off by perfection. So, don’t be perfect. That’s okay. I’m human. I’m normal. It’s okay for you to be too.

— Krista Mashore

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