Guard Your Brain!

Guard Your Brain? !

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Guard Your Brain!

In an earlier one-minute morning mindset, I talked about starting your day off right by feeding your brain a good breakfast. I also mentioned that watching the news first thing in the morning right now will NOT set you up for a positive day! ❌

The truth is, it’s not just in the morning that you have to feed your brain with the good stuff. You have to avoid the negativity, the complaining, the doomsday conversations all day long. In crazy times like these, that seems almost impossible, right? What’s going on in our world is rough and people are having a hard time coping. It would be SO easy to get sucked up in the doom and gloom right now. ?

The thing is, it’s like over-eating junk food. In a funny way, it might feel kinda satisfying to complain with your neighbor, listen to people talking about the terrible hit on the economy, or read that doomsday post on FB ?. But when you let yourself do those things, you’re destroying the most powerful weapon you have in tough times: your healthy mindset. ??When I say “healthy mindset,” I don’t mean that you deny what’s going on right now. We all need to stay informed. But we don’t need to be constantly feeding ourselves with the story of just how miserable we are supposed to be! Given that we are surrounded by worry, panic, depression, discouragement (Yikes! Even saying those words is a bummer!), how do we “stand guard at the portals” of our minds?

Limit Your News Consumption

Personally, I don’t think we need to be tuned in 24/7. Find a source of news that is less sensational. Check out what’s happening maybe once or twice a day (I personally do it less than that.) Be selective in the articles you read ? When you watch the news, ask yourself, “Is this something I really need to know? Is this something that is helpful to me and my family?” If not, turn it off! That’s right, turn it OFF!!!

Clean Up Your Facebook

We are getting a lot of helpful information and great inspiration on social media right now! We’re also seeing a lot of anger, misinformation, finger-pointing, blame, and complaining. Do yourself a favor and clear the Negative Nellies off your feed! You don’t have to unfriend them. You can just opt to not see their posts or put their posts on “snooze” for 30 days. This brings me to my next point. Bring in Healthy Brain Food: I have literally hundreds of inspirational, uplifting audiobooks! I listen to them while I’m cooking, driving, and getting ready in the morning. If you don’t have this kind of material on hand, get some. Listen to them while you do chores or read them right before you turn out the light at night. Ask friends for recommendations about books that have made a difference in their lives. ?

Google the Good

With the internet, you’ve got free access to all kinds of inspiration, from music to TedTalks to uplifting poetry. Rather than checking out the news or FB when your brain is feeling the munchies for input, try searching out something positive like “inspirational quotes” or “happy music.”Please do me a favor, pass this along to someone you think may benefit from it. And remember, pay attention to what you let into your brain, especially now, to keep your mindset strong and healthy! I’d love to hear some of your comments about what you’re doing to guard your brain.

Guard Your Brain!

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