Focus On What You Can Control And Block Out The Rest

Focus On What You Can Control And Block Out The Rest

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Look, right now there are so many things happening that you and I can’t control. We’re not calling the shots about whether our business stays open, whether our kids can go to school, even whether we can visit our friends. Many of us are mandated to stay inside of our homes. ? It’s nuts–and it’s necessary. ?? If we stay focused on all the things we can’t control, we’ll drive ourselves crazy. Your mindset is one thing you definitely can control, no matter what is happening. And maintaining a strong ??, healthy mindset is the key to getting through these tough times. So, what else can we control right now?

Here Are A Few Ideas ?

Your Routine: Yes, we can’t hit the gym every morning, meet with our book clubs, or go out for an after-work drink. Lots of us can’t go into the office and our kids can’t go to school. We can’t do a lot of things we did just a couple of weeks ago. But we can find substitutes and create new routines.

✅ Maybe we pull out the old workout tapes at the same time we’d be at the gym. Maybe we create a Zoom meeting for our book club and have a glass of wine with a friend via Skype. And we can definitely set up a regular schedule for when we’ll work and when the kids will be in “home school.” Your Environment: Yes, many of us are supposed to work from home and most of our kids can’t go to their schools. For the most part, the only environment we’ve got is our homes ?. But we can set up our homes to be as pleasant and supportive as possible.

For me, that means keeping it extra clean. I already have a home office, but you may need to set up a good workspace if working from home is new to you. Our kids need spaces for learning and play. How can you get creative to set that up for them in your home? And if your family is cooped up together, you’ll need to set up “alone space” so you’re not on top of one another 24/7. Your Appearance: A lot of us are in the habit of being really casual at home, right? I’ll pull out the old t-shirt and sweatpants and don’t even bother with make-up sometimes. But if most of your time will be at home now, we need to change that. When we look good, we feel good ?.

I’m not saying to wear your three-piece suit around the house (but if you want to, go for it!). I’m saying that now is the time to put some effort into how we look. I had a meeting with my staff who is all working virtually now and told them business as usual. They were guided to still get up in the morning, take a shower, put on their makeup and get dressed as if they were going to work ????

Your Interactions: We’re all in this together and we need to support one another. That might mean being extra patient with our kids. It might mean taking time to really listen to your spouse. It might mean letting a friend vent then offering to help them find solutions to whatever they’re facing. It might mean giving yourself a time-out and finding some alone space if you find yourself being negative or critical. It may also mean that we show empathy for people who are dealing with this in a manner that is different than we are.

Let’s give people as much grace as possible. ?

There’s so much we can control, even now! Make a list for yourself and focus on that rather than what you can’t control. Once this is all over we want to look back at how we handled ourselves and be proud!!! And smile everyone, smile!! This too shall pass, the night will become day, the rainbow ? will show up after the rain, and we’ll be back to normal in no time.

Focus On What You Can Control And Block Out The Rest

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