Distance Physically, Connect Virtually

Distance Physically, Connect Virtually

Posted on March 24, 2020 by

Can you believe how quickly life has changed for all of us?

Now we have to distance physically, connect virtually.

Two weeks ago, we were working out with our buddies at the gym, going out for drinks after work, standing on the sidelines of our kids’ soccer games with other parents. Now? To kick the spread of this virus, we’ve all got to do “social distancing.”

I read something that caught my attention. Whoever wrote it said, “We should think of it as ‘physical distancing,’ not ‘social distancing.’” The author was pointing out that we’re social animals, and in times of crisis, we need each other to survive and stay sane. Instead of hiding in our caves and isolating ourselves, we need to make sure to connect even more ?!

We need to let the people in our lives know that we care about them. We need to share ideas and solutions—and laughs! ? We are so fortunate in this society and in this day and age. Our technology can keep us connected and even connected face to face. We just need to build new habits of how we connect with one another and make it a priority.

Here Are Some Suggestions

Plan Your Connecting: We used to be around others all the time just in living our normal lives. That is not happening now so we need to plan to stay in touch. A friend of mine who works from home now has a new item on her ToDo list each day that says, “Call two friends.” Another friend has set up her mother (who is in a nursing home) with an Ipad so they can visit twice per day on Skype. A student of mine has set up a daily “take a break” Zoom call each morning with people from her office at the time they’d normally be having coffee in the break room. I heard of a teenager who uses Zoom to get together with her friends at lunchtime.

Recently, I organized an online virtual learning experience for kids who are staying at home. Four girls are teaching kids online anything from learning, creating, exercising, etc. It’s helping the girls (one is my daughter) keep busy and be able to give back, as well as helping keep them busy and give their parents some time off. ??

Figure Technology Out

If you go online, you’ll find a ton of technologies that can help you connect with others, many of them free. Now is the time to research them and learn them. Every technology you find will have its own tutorials. And if you’re already savvy about these things, now is the time to teach your family and friends how to use them. ?️ Connect Positively: This series is all about mindset, right? Well, you don’t want to infect your mindset with negativity as you’re connecting (and of course, you don’t want to spread any negativity you’re feeling to others).

A Couple Of Tips:

Listen, Don’t Join In: Okay, sometimes we all just need to vent. I get that. As a good friend, just listen and let them have their say. You don’t need to chime in and agree with them, and you don’t need to talk them out of it! You can offer your (hopefully, more positive!) perspective but arguing with them will go nowhere. And if your interactions with that friend or family member are always negative, consider limiting your exposure to them! Preplan Topics: This coronavirus has become all-consuming, right? Every news headline, every email notification—it’s coronavirus 24/7!

What Else Can You Talk About?

How about the great shows you’re watching or what you’ve been learning? How about ideas you’ve had for keeping your kids happy while they’re home from school? How about the great class or book you’ve found online? Let Them Know You Care: We often don’t tell people how much we appreciate them and love them. Some of us are shy and some people just think it’s “obvious” to the other person. Now is the time to be sincere and speak from the heart. Stay connected, my friends! And let me know if you have other good ideas that I can pass on!

Distance Physically, Connect Virtually

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