Be The Change You Want To See

Be The Change You Want To See

Posted on April 7, 2020 by

Be The Change You Want To See

It’s time we be the change we want to see!

In a prior One Minute Mindset, I talked about embracing change. Since we’re in the midst of massive, massive change right now, I think it’s worth talking about more. When this coronavirus crisis started, we went through a few changes but most of us thought it would only last a week or two.

Well, now we’re realizing it’s not just a week or two.

Not only will our “shelter at home” regulations last longer than we thought. But many of us are starting to realize that, even after that’s over, we won’t be going back to our old normal. Scary, huh? We don’t even know yet what our new normal is going to be.
We’re heading into the unknown and for most of us, the unknown is way out of our comfort zone. And because it’s out of our comfort zone, we’re going to feel a little fear or adrenalin rush. You felt a little fear when you first got into the swimming pool and didn’t know how to swim.

You probably felt a little rush when they took the training wheels off your bike and you weren’t sure if you would fall or not. But as kids kept trying new things, even though we weren’t sure what would happen next. As kids, we knew that the comfort zone is not the place we want to live forever. As adults, we tend to forget that. As kids, we didn’t try to walk, fall down and then back off and say, “You know, maybe I’m good with just crawling. This walking thing, it’s outside my comfort zone.” But as adults, we often use our “comfort zone” to justify staying stuck.

Let me be really clear with you

The comfort zone is not and has never been your friend. In fact, I always tell my students, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and panicked, it’s time to celebrate. Woo hoo! It means you’re moving beyond what you’ve known before and who you’ve been before. It’s your opportunity to grow, learn and strive to be more!
The comfort zone is not your friend. It’s a prison. So, don’t be so eager to stay all huddled up, nice and cozy in it. If you look around at nature, all living things are either growing or they’re dying, one or the other. Nothing stays absolutely still. And if it does stay still, like a pond that stops flowing in and out, it gets stagnant and starts dying.

Anyway, this time we don’t even have the option to stay all cozy in our old normal. That comfort zone is gone. Changes are coming, even if we don’t know what they are. Remember before 9/11 when you could make it to the airport a couple of minutes before take-off and still get on your flight? When you didn’t have to pack all your toiletries in tiny bottles, get your luggage X-rayed and walk through a scanner? When you could actually stand in the airplane aisle to wait for the bathroom? It all changed after 9/11.

We didn’t like it at first, but we got used to it, right? We don’t know what changes will happen after this crisis is over, but we’ll figure them out and adapt to whatever they are. But here’s what’s even more important: that we design our own personal new normal based on what we’ve learned from this time.

A lot of what we’ve learned is about what is really important to us.

For example, I know folks who are praying and meditating more. Families are finding ways to have fun together, taking walks, and actually talking to one another. People are calling friends and family more often and letting them know they love and appreciate them. And tons of people have gotten so creative with everything from creating goofy Facebook videos to figuring out how to run their businesses virtually to having cocktail hour and dinner parties with friends virtually via zoom. Change is coming for us all. Let’s take this opportunity to create a new normal that is even better than the old one. I’d love to hear the positive side of your new normal.

Be The Change You Want To See

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