Ask the Right Questions

ask the right questions

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Ask the Right Questions

I started this One Minute Mindset series because I truly believe that we can handle anything and do anything if we put our minds to it with the right mindset. Our minds are so powerful! And our minds, especially our subconscious minds, are so smart! It doesn’t matter what your IQ is, your brain is brilliant if you ask it the right questions.

Lots of us don’t use the full power of our brains because we ask the wrong questions.

It’s kinda like Google. Do you know how you plug certain words into the search box when you’re looking for something? If you put in the wrong words, Google takes those words and finds the wrong thing for you. It’s not Google’s fault. Google did its job. But you sent it in the wrong direction.

Our unconscious minds are like that. When we’re trying to solve something or get ideas, if we use the wrong questions, we get the wrong answers. It’s not our unconscious mind’s fault. We sent it in the wrong direction by asking the wrong questions.
Let me give you some examples to show you what I mean: Let’s say you’re having financial difficulty right now as so many people are. If you say, “How am I ever going to survive through the month?” your brain starts to work on “surviving through the month.” It will help you remember the dollar bill in your jeans or it will make sure you see that discount coupon for eggs at the store.

But when you ask a better question like, “How can I not only survive but thrive even more than before?” Whoa! Now your unconscious mind heads off in a totally new direction. It starts getting creative and new ideas pop into your head. It helps you be aware of new opportunities. Its focus is on helping you thrive, not just survive. Another example: I’ve heard people actually say, “What will I do when I run out of toilet paper?”

Honestly, in my whole life, I’ve never had so many conversations about toilet paper as the past few weeks, have you?

Anyway, when they plug that into their unconscious mind’s search box, it’s like the unconscious mind says, “Okay, so we’re going to run out of toilet paper. Don’t let him notice that Costco is stocked with it now. What else have we got lying around that we can use?”
A better question would be, “What’s the best way to find the toilet paper we need?” Now, your mind focuses on, “Okay, the best way to find toilet paper. How about online? How about hitting Costco early in the day? How about asking my neighbors if they’ve got extra right now? How about checking with that restaurant that closed to see if they have a stash?” It will literally come up with hundreds of ideas. Not all of them will be good but some will.

So, think about it.

What kinds of questions have you been asking lately? Can you start switching them out to for better questions? Rather than, “How will I ever make it through more weeks of this social distancing?” try, “What can I do to make this time fun and productive for me?” Rather than, “What if I don’t get my old job back when this is over?” you could ask, “If I don’t get my old job back, what even better opportunities are out there?”.

Make sure to ask the right questions and your unconscious mind will give you great results. Remember, this is a period where we can thrive if we put our minds to it. I’d love to hear more about what great questions you are asking yourself, so be sure to bring the conversation over to our social channels.

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Ask the Right Questions

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