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Let’s talk about your real estate license: It’s worthless!

Look I know it allows you to practice real estate legally, but did it really give you the knowledge you need to be any good at it? It takes over 500 hours of education  in most states for a manicurist to get a license.

In California, it only takes 135 hours to get a real estate license—and you can get away with even less if you do it online, right? So the nice lady who does your nails  studied harder and longer to learn her profession than you did to learn yours. And with that minimum educational requirement of your real estate license, you are now fully qualified to handle what is most people’s biggest asset. Really? In what universe?

I’m Krista Mashore, and I’m here to tell you that it’s critical that you stop thinking your license is enough and start becoming a true real estate expert. Why⁇

Here’s the deal: Homeowners and home buyers are not stupid. They know how easy it is to get a real estate license. And they’re figuring out all kinds of ways to cut out “the useless middleman”—US! Because honestly? Unless we start bringing more value  to the table, they can do just fine without us. Dime a dozen agents are becoming obsolete. Here’s what will not become obsolete —and what makes clients flock to me in droves:

Expertise in market trends and how they affect buyers and sellers, intimate knowledge of particular neighborhoods and cities, expertise in financing options, know-how in social media marketing of properties , advanced skills in negotiation etc. etc. I’ve dedicated myself to ongoing learning  and this has been absolutely key to my success. And it’s key to yours  too.

You can find resources all over the place: NAR website, online courses in everything from learning software to social media, community organizations with info on your area. Just ask yourself, “What can I learn about that would be really helpful to my clients?” Then go out and track it down.

Your clients deserve the best, right? Give it to them and I know you will be rewarded ten times over.  If you ever want more ways to super-charge your business, reach out to me!

-Krista Mashore

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